Sunday, June 12, 2016

Splish Splash

We have a beautiful routine of spending a few hours each day at our neighborhood's pool... one of the many things we will miss about Oklahoma. Who can say no to cooling off from the heat, while it also means a "great night's sleep" for the kids... definitely not us. I can't get over all the bathing suit wedgies, spiral curls and sun kissed faces.

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  1. Hah fun shots and way to keep up with your blog! I love the one of Charlotte spotting Mars jumping into the pool. And the one of Finn floating on his own like a champ :). I hope you all can find a great place to swim on your next adventure!

  2. The kids are changing so much as they grow so big. So excited to read about your new adventures!!! Btw, our friend loved her dolly!!! Thanks so much! Xo