Sunday, June 05, 2016

Sweet Babies { Weeks 17 & 18 }

Dear sweet little babies...

Mommy is usually on top of her game when it comes to blogging and keeping a log of all of her little ones, but for some reason... with you two, she's lost her game. Part of it, is how busy we have been (we're gearing up for a major move out west) and part of it, is that I'm savoring this pregnancy with you two... you two are probably my final act (with kids)... or so we believe. You two are that special to us.

Since the day we found out, that there wasn't just one, but rather two... both of us (Mommy and Daddy) shake our heads in disbelief... completely bewildered how we could be chosen to be "twin parents." I always thought, how awesome it would be to get 2 for the price of 1... and now I'll get to experience it.

So far you two seem to be giving me a really tough time in the nausea department. For many weeks, I couldn't stomach coffee.. and to me, that's a HUGE deal. I was repulsed by all meat, couldn't cook many meals by myself, and had to scarf down crackers in order to function most of the day. Thankfully, since the second trimester kicked in, I've been able to tolerate food... in fact, some days I surprise myself with how much I'm putting in my mouth. Eating for 3 is going to seem so strange, but something tells me, I'll be able to handle that, just fine.

As far as cravings go... I can't get enough fresh fruit and cheese sticks. Give me all the melons in the world (along with blueberries) and I'll be just fine. Peanut butter with apples has once again, become a staple in my diet.

We found out what you two are (in the gender department)... and we'll share with the world soon... but for now, we LOVE knowing while everyone awaits the news. Plus, we want to double check 1 more time at the next ultrasound, so we don't jump ahead of ourselves. You both are in different sacks, and have separate placentas... and growing so well. Your heartbeats are strong little beats. Baby A... your heartbeat is always around 145-150... and baby B... your heartbeat is always around 140. Baby A... you're crazy... you move around SO much.... baby B... you are super chill, completely laid back... you're the one who waves to us whenever we see you in the ultrasound. It's amazing how you two already seem to be bonding inside Mommy. Baby B, your butt is always near Baby A's face. Right now, you two seem to be positioned in sort of a ying/yang pose. We can't wait to see how/when/if your positions change.

As far as your brother is concerned... it looks like Mommy just is getting fat, or ate a lot. He's coming around to the idea of "babies" and points to my belly... but we're not too certain if he knows what's going on. Your sisters on the other hand... couldn't be more elated to meet you. We keep having to tell them that they have awhile until that day. For now, they love smooching both of you on my belly (two smooches each.. so 4 total), and rub you all the time. They pray for you every night. They adore you... we all adore you.

Keep growing little ones... we're so thrilled to have you be a part of "us." ,

Daddy, Mommy, Charlotte, Marley and Finn
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  1. Congratulations again and fun pictures! Great dress and I melt over the shots!

  2. LOVE! PS. That looks like Lularoe!