Thursday, July 28, 2016

Sweet Babies { Weeks 21-26 }

Dear sweet little babies,

Many weeks have flown since I last wrote an update... but so much has gone on, that it doesn't surprise me. We made it to our dear home in Washington... a place we are excited to introduce you to, and share with you. A place that we're happy to say that you'll "grow up"... a place we're hoping you'll love as much as we do.

Since I last wrote, we said farewell to our home and friends in Oklahoma since I last wrote. We had one final appointment to check on your little heartbeats and ultrasound and see how you two were doing as well. Sort of like one last well check, to make sure I was go to go with all the travels we had ahead of us.

Baby A... you had the quicker heartbeat this time around, and you were super active. Your heartbeat was a 165, and you kept getting your head smooshed by your sister's feet. You kept moving your hands up by your head, to get her away, and then you made the cutest bubble blowing motions with your mouth. The technician and doctor verified your cleft lip, but they're almost 100% positive, that you don't have a cleft palate. It looks to be a tiny hook... about 3mm... but as you grow bigger and chunk up in your face, we should be able to get a clearer picture of it. Mommy's main concern was feeding you, but whatever the future holds, we will make it work. We are positive that this is just part of your sister... and you're probably going to have one really cool scar. You've remained "in position"... with your head down, and your feet over to the left part of Mommy's belly.

Baby B... you my dear were naughty to your sister during this ultrasound. You kept kicking down on her head space... just to get cozy. Your heartbeat was around a 145-150... and you as well, kept moving your hands in your face. Your head is up high, right below Mommy's chest.. you're sitting breech right now. But with your sister being in position, there's a good chance you might come out breech, unless you decide to flip during delivery... once your sister's out, there will be more room for you to do that possibly.

Mommy has gained 18 lbs since this beginning of this journey, and it feels like it's all from the two of you. You both were estimated at 1 lb 7 oz.. and that was 4 weeks ago... so I imagine you're even bigger now. According to the pregnancy app, you should be well over 2 lbs each. You two are growing exactly the way you should be growing, and for that we are thankful... even though I complain about how much you're stretching out my belly and uncomfortable I am... I'll take the pain, knowing that you're doing what you should be doing.

You two survived a road trip from Oklahoma to Pennsylvania.... where we got to stretch our legs and rest up for two weeks and wait for Daddy to join us for our trip out west. The trip out west, was quite the doozy... it was painful. We did the 37.5 hour trek in 3 nights/4 days... We had early mornings, and days without as many stops... and that took a toll on Mommy. I stretched when I could, and drank as much as I could... but that just meant more pee stops. In the end, it felt so good to be in Washington. The Braxton Hicks that I had along the way, stopped after a few days of rest here, and only come back sporadically.

Sleeping has become uncomfortable... sitting has become uncomfortable... pretty much just "being" has become uncomfortable... but, I do this for you two. Trying to keep the complaints to minimal... but it's a tough gig carrying you two. Somehow, God thought I was up for the task... Mommy can only do this with His strength and abundant amount of grace daily.

Keep growing little ones... we are so thrilled to have you be a part of "us",

Daddy, Mommy, Charlotte, Marley and Finn.
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Monday, July 18, 2016


2,169... the number of miles we needed to get through (it was a bit more due to a detour to see Yellowstone National Park) in order to pull up to our new home in Gig Harbor, Washington. I was just around 29 weeks pregnant with the twins when we made the trek. We left Pittsburgh, PA (we drove back east to visit with family, before we drove out west) on July 15th... we travelled through West Virginia (just a few miles), Ohio, Indiana, Illinois.. crossed the Mississippi River... Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and the finally made our way into Washington on the 18th. It was a grueling 4 days of travel... but we learned so much on out travels. We learned how "far" the kids could go before they need a pitstop (stopped at playgrounds, Farmer's Markets, and other short attractions where we could all stretch our legs for a few minutes)... learned that putting the windows down to "blow" them out in the back is a method for getting them to stop screaming that they didn't want to drive anymore... learned that NO woman carrying twins should EVER endure that distance while 28+ weeks pregnant (I complained more than the kids, and asked to stop for pee breaks more than the kids)... learned that a cat can survive in a van over night if a hotel doesn't let you bring a pet in (covered litterboxes are the way to go for long distance trips)... and learned that we were missing out on a huge chunk of the US as we drove through each of those beautiful states (jotted down in our memory banks what we'd love to return to see again). It was a beautiful trek across the country, but it felt SO good pulling up to home when we got there.

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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Dear Marley Wren { 36 months }

Dear Marley Wren,

Happy Birthday little bird... who's not so little anymore. 3 years old... and it's though you're nearly a teenager... so we shall call you a three'nager.

You sweet girl, do nothing but keep us on our toes each and every day. There's not one moment that we feel like we can relax around you... maybe occasionally when you sleep. But even when you're supposed to be sleeping, you sometimes are doing something without us knowing. You're a complete busy body. You love to color and create art more than anything else. Not a day passes where you haven't been proud to show off something you've made... even that time you wrote all over Mommy's yellow chair with a Sharpie marker. You still love to play with dolls, dance anywhere and everywhere, sing at the top of your lungs, jump on the trampoline, pick flowers and find rocks of all shapes and sizes, swim at the pool, read books, and help Mommy in the kitchen. You still have this wild heart... an adventure seeker. Most mornings you wake up and ask us where we are headed for the day. Change, although it seemed to be something you welcomed... seems to be a little tough on your body as we make the move to Washington. But, we are so excited to see you thrive in one place for a long time... without having to move again. You like to make friends... there's no doubt you'll win some over in our new neighborhood.

You are still a snacker... you pick on lots of your favorites throughout the day, as opposed to chowing down on meals. However, if we put pizza in front of you... or a hotdog... you annihilate them. You love yogurt, cheese sticks, any and all fruit, and ANY baked dessert.

You potty trained this year, except for at night. All we did was tell you that they wouldn't allow you into ballet class in a diaper, and off it went. It'll be the first thing we sign you up for, once we get settled in Washington, as a reward. You know your ABC's, colors, shapes and can count up to 20. You love to learn... and we love seeing your eyes light up whenever you figure something out.

You are a spitfire... it has to be the age... or so we keep telling ourselves. You won't let anything get in your way, and you're always "right". You tell people to share, but have a hard time sharing yourself. Your facial expressions could kill... most of the time you don't have to say anything, because your face says it all. You argue like the best of them. You're a tough little nut.

You my dear, are an amazing big and little sister. You have your moments with Charlotte, but for the most part, you tag along and want to play along with whatever she's playing with. You and Finn are constantly being confused for as twins... it's hilarious. He's just about your height, but way heavier. You like to wrestle him to the ground though... or you like to slow dance with him to the music from Sleeping Beauty. You are already loving on your little sisters in Mommy's belly. You want to kiss them goodnight most nights, and rub them. You talk about holding them... and loving them. You have a lot of love to give, and they are the luckiest. We are the luckiest.

Marley, continue loving life sweet girl... continue being you... the one we love so dearly.

Daddy, Mommy, Charlotte, Finn and the twins.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

When Family Visits. part 3

The last round of visitors... Grammie and Papa "D" (my hubby's parents)... came right in the dead heat of the Summer... even though it was the beginning of the season. We celebrated some more with a birthday (Aunt Courtney's) and Father's Day, visited an infintry museum, and spent the majority of the remainder of their trip in some form of water (whether it be at Turner Falls or our neighborhood pool). They were with us right up until the movers came to pack us out of our home. They helped fill holes, do some touch up paint, watch kids ... help that we will be forever grateful for... help that eased the minutes leading up to moving out of our house.

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