Wednesday, July 13, 2016

When Family Visits. part 3

The last round of visitors... Grammie and Papa "D" (my hubby's parents)... came right in the dead heat of the Summer... even though it was the beginning of the season. We celebrated some more with a birthday (Aunt Courtney's) and Father's Day, visited an infintry museum, and spent the majority of the remainder of their trip in some form of water (whether it be at Turner Falls or our neighborhood pool). They were with us right up until the movers came to pack us out of our home. They helped fill holes, do some touch up paint, watch kids ... help that we will be forever grateful for... help that eased the minutes leading up to moving out of our house.

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  1. Oh man. So cute. Great shots with what looks like your wider angle lens. You are nailing the composition and yet keeping your (incredibly cute) subjects from getting lost. This is a great set, along with the delightful light. Thanks for sharing and great job keeping up with blogging with such a busy schedule!