Friday, August 05, 2016

Dear Finn Mostyn { 24 months }

Dear Finn Mostyn,

2 years have gone by since we first laid eyes on you... 2 years. Where has the time gone? You turned into such a little man this year... lost most of that "baby" side of you. You've grown leaps and bounds, developmentally and in size. But to Mommy, you'll always be her "baby boy"... our one and only.

You, sweet boy, are a complete joy... you have your "moments", like any other child... but for the most part, you are so fun to watch. You love to dance, you love to watch shows (Daddy blames your sisters for your love for all things princess), you love to make messes but don't enjoy cleaning up (though you will, if someone helps you), you love to play in dirt, with rocks and all things nature. The great outdoors, is truly your "place"... your "thing". Since you were little, if we needed to calm you down, we'd bring you outside. To this day, it's your escape place... and the rain doesn't even hold you back.

Your words are starting to come out more and more... in true boy fashion, you have no trouble making noises or sounds for animals. You LOVE animals. Whether it's your favorite elephant, that you call "Elmo"... to your dinorsaurs, you can't get enough of those little play toys. You love to go to the zoo, and see them in person as well... Hearing your squeal in delight over them, is awesome. You could stare at one exhibit of flamingoes, or what not... for hours. It's always tough getting you to press on, but when we tell you there's more animals coming, then you make a run for it. And boy can you run.

You have your moments of being rough and tough... but have your moments where you are super sensitive. It's a cute balance, and of course, Mommy's okay with you asking her to kiss your boo boo's anytime something hurts. Your toes are always beat up with boo boos.. mostly because you love to go barefoot, are as close to barefoot as possible. You love playing tickle monster with Daddy... it's precious when you try and protect your sisters, by throwing your body at Daddy to tickle first, in order to defend them. You also love tackling your sisters any chance you get... you're showing them the ways of wrestling. Your feelings also get hurt anytime your sisters leave to play with each other, and they don't invite you to join along. You always want to be included, even if they're playing dolls.

You are a giver at heart... most of the time, you want to share your snacks with others, before you have some for yourself. You naturally are good at putting others first... even if you need a gentle nudge to every so often (when toys are involved). That side of you, is one we are really trying to continue nurturing... it's a great one to have when you get married one day... taking care of others.

We love this adventure we are on with you little buddy... We are so excited to see how you'll do as a big brother in the next few weeks.  Being that you do an awesome job being the little brother already, something tells me, you'll do great. We can't get over how you'll be sandwiched in between two big sisters and two little sisters. God has something INCREDIBLE in store for you... for that we are certain. We can't wait to watch it all unfold.

You are so loved... so so loved,

Daddy, Mommy, Charlotte, Marley and the twins.

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  1. Wow. I love so much of this, it's hard to list it all. Happy Birthday Finn! You look so big these days! It warms my heart that you are a giver and protector. I love how you like elephants. I love your shirt. I love the shots. You're going to be a great big brother!!! Haha...fantastic blog to your momma!

  2. Happy Birthday Finn...Ton Ton so wishes I was closer so I could spoil you all a bit!! I was the only girl...with 5 brothers. I tell you Finn..its the best!You are a precious boy!