Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Planting Roots

The last year in Oklahoma... I really tried to branch out with photography. Don't get me wrong, I love photographing families/newborns/seniors/etc.... but, I wanted to try wedding photography. I love details, more than anything, so it's no surprise that I would flock this way. I was able to second shoot for some amazing photographers in the Oklahoma City area... Which was not only insightful... but FUN.

I haven't been able to fully commit to any direction that I've wanted my photography to go in... mostly because of the constant moves and the fact that I've been (what feels like) eternally pregnant the last 4+ years. I've always known that I've loved lifestyle photography... and continue to document my daily happenings with the babes... but, I'm pumped to FINALLY be in a place (and a beautiful place at that) where I can settle down and plant some roots. Hoping to create a rhythm after the twins come (it might take more than a few weeks/months), so that I can start booking clients and sharing what I love with others.

Right before I left Oklahoma, I was beyond honored to photograph a wedding down in Texas for the sweetest couple. I knew the bride, from our time in Germany... she was in highschool at the time (yeah, yeah, I totally felt old knowing she was tying the knot). Her day was magical, and capturing it, made my year.  I knew once I started in this direction, that I wanted to create a "thank you" that reflected the type of branding overhaul I'd want my future business to reflect. I love an item that's tangible, hence the prints... I love a bit of my family, so I had the hubs cut/sand these awesome photo holding blocks.. and I love the nature element, hence the fern clipping from my yard. Simple and clean.

You'll probably notice some changes over here (on the blog), as I start a complete rebranding overhaul. I'm going to be seeking out someone to help bring all my vision, together into one place... a website that will link to my personal and professional blogs. It's going to be quite a ride... but I'm so ready for it.

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  1. You are an amazing photographer and have definitely been an inspiration to me! It will be awesome to see you establish your business (and roots) in your new area. You are going to ROCK it there and those folks are so lucky to have you sharing your talent, creativity, and light with them! Thanks for sharing it for your fans here too. I am definitely excited to see the changes to the blog layout over time too!