Friday, August 12, 2016

Sweet Babies { Weeks 27 & 28 }

Dear sweet little babies,

The last 2 weeks, surprisingly, have flown by pretty quickly... hoping the next few do as well... so we can start to get excited about your arrival. We are officially into (and then some) the 3rd trimester! We did it sweet girls... we made it to the final one. Whew. Knowing that we are that far along, gives me hope that you two will be just fine when you come out.

We had our first meet and greet with the doctor in the last 2 weeks. We will be delivering you two at Madigan Army Medical Center (unless something arises). Mommy's first impression of the doctor, is that he's super YOUNG... as in, "looks younger than your Uncle Joey" young. He assured me he's delivered many multiples before, but there's still this tiny bit of awkwardness. He calls Mommy "dear", like it'll give him a few years of aging or something... but it doesn't do the trick, he still has a baby face. One way or another, you two will be coming out... and with the amount of doctors that they have, we might not even have him in the end. We just pray daily for a safe and easy (as easy as it can be) delivery... and that's all that matters in the end. The nurses are beyond wonderful, and lets face it... they tend to be the ones that are with us the whole time anyways.

During our meet and greet, the doctor did a quick "peek" to check on you two, with an ultrasound. He didn't think I'd get an appointment in time to be seen for my normal 28 week check... so the next time we get a detail look at you both, it'll be when Mommy hits 32 weeks. He loved seeing you two... as soon as you both popped up on the screen, he had this huge smile on his face... it was reassuring to know that he loves doing what he does. He checked all of your fluid levels, and it all looked great. He didn't do any measurements, but he guesstimated that you both were close if not over 3 lbs... and then he shared some awesome news... baby B... you flipped! You're head down. So right now, both of you are head down... baby A of course closest to my cervix and still "in position". I didn't get a lot of screen time with you, but apparently we'll have 2 hours at the next ultrasound to check you two out better.

My belly, has been completely lopsided... that's all because of you baby B.... your butt and feet are on my top right side, and you stretch out as much as you can. Also, no stretch marks still! I have no idea how, but I'll take it. And lastly, my belly button FINALLY popped. It never popped with your brother or sister... but it has with you two. I'm also at my "biggest"... which hearing that at my appointment, made me cry... I had a little pity party after that appointment... I've gained the most amount of weight, and I haven't even hit the "grow by .5 lb each week" stage. OY. Just writing it out, makes me want to tear up again. Hoping it melts off as quickly as it was added onto my body.

Most outings are tough on Mommy... people exclaim, "Wow, you must be due any day!"... "No... no I'm not." I don't even add in anymore that I'm having twins... because, really, I shouldn't have to explain my size... or waddle... or... anything. I was however super thankful to the woman who stopped me in the middle of Target to tell me how radiant I was... I shed a little tear, and let her feel my belly, per her request. I then shared with her that she felt 2 babies in one place... and she hugged me and thanked me for the insight. She said that I "made" her day... but really, she made mine.

We had a couple days of growing pains... but we are back to feeling "okay"... Sleep is still hard to come by, but I'm trying to exhaust myself, so that when I do lay down, I can fall asleep more "easily"... if that's even possible. For now, we're taking it one day at a time...

 Keep growing little ones... we are so thrilled to have you be a part of "us",

Daddy, Mommy, Charlotte, Marley, and Finn.
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  1. Slón Nelson-BentleyAugust 12, 2016 at 3:57 PM

    I found this when a friend liked it on FB. I'm pretty sure I know exactly which doctor you're talking about at MAMC. He does look young, but he's a good doc.
    Good luck with your girls! I hope you have a quick, safe, and easy delivery.

  2. Wowzers, you look fantastic! I am praying for you all for a smooth third trimester, and a safe delivery for momma, Baby A, and Baby B! Great update! P.S. Your new backyard screams adventure and fun :).

  3. You are radiant! Your pregnancy is such an exciting miracle, and I hope that gives you reassurance during moments of discouragement (totally normal, what your body is going through is beyond tough). I delivered my daughter at Madigan and had a wonderful holds a soft spot in my heart ;)

  4. There is no reason to fret if your child starts teething earlier or later than his peers. Babies grow at different rates and even if you have other kids who started to get their teeth in at a specific age that is not a guarantee that this baby will follow suit.