Thursday, September 29, 2016

Dear Charlotte Wray { 9 years old }

Dear Charlotte Wray,

We can hardly believe that you are 9... how is that even possible? You're 1 year away from being a whole handful, and I don't think we're even coming to terms with this... yet.

What a year full of changes... more teeth, bigger feet, taller height (still have those skinny "mile long" legs"), new "do", new gymnastics triumphs, new place to call "home... in school rather than homeschooled, new friends, many more lessons learned (usually the hard way)... we could go on and on. But through it all, you've remained the Charlie we love and have come to know so well over the last 5 years. You're still the spunky, full of pizzazz, energetic, colorful, lover of life, kind of girl.

Your favorite color has changed quite a few times this year, the same way it always does each year.... currently, BLUE is your favorite, but purple comes in close second. You can eat and eat and eat all day long, and not gain any weight... we have no idea where all that food goes. Your favorite meal changed to beef stroganoff... you said "bye bye" to spaghetti and meat sauce a few months ago, and prefer your spaghetti with butter now (the same way your sister likes hers). You still adore gymnastics and working out... you have an awesome back handspring. You love to perform shows for us and "floor routines"... You adore creating. Whether it's coloring, painting, making books, etc... you're all in when craft supplies are involved. You still seek out adventures... exploring never gets old, something new is always discovered.

You're in the third grade now, in school... and just adore it. We're trying to get you all the resources you need currently in order to fall in love with learning and enjoy your time there... since your eyes and ears hold you back a little bit. You love your teacher, you love your classmates, and you love music class and P. E. ... A LOT. That doesn't surprise us.

Every year... on this day... I think about your biological mother, that we'll never know... the one that brought you into this world. We are forever thankful for her... and even more so to the Lord for watching over you those years that we weren't there. You are our world sweet girl... the one who made us Mommy and Daddy... a treasure that we don't take for granted.

We love you sweet Charlotte,

Daddy, Mommy, Marley, Finn, and the twins.
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  1. Wow! Just Wow! I have been following the blog since before you met Charlotte. It has been incredibly touching to see that itty-bitty girl grow into a lovely elementary school age. Charlotte, you are so very beautiful! I am so happy to watch you grow up. I'm glad that you like your new school and your Teacher. Keep working hard… and play hard Make lots of friends. Keep loving your role as Big Sister. Your life will just keep getting larger and I believe that you can do Anything! Happy "9th" Birthday, sweet Charlotte!

  2. Karen, I remember following your blog when you were visiting Charlotte and couldn't post pictures of her face yet... time has gone so quickly and she is such a beautiful young lady! Reading this blog post made me wel upl and spill over in joy for how much God has given your family in having Charlie, and who she is because of it! Beautiful. ❤️

  3. I've been following your blog since Charlotte was little too! I've been wondering if you were still doing homeschooling with the move and twins. I'm glad she is liking school!