Friday, September 30, 2016

Sweet Babies { Weeks 34 & 35 }

Dear sweet little babies,

We are gearing down to our final few days, and I'm trying to get caught up with all things documented, so that we are ahead of the game for when you two make your appearance.

The last 2 weeks have been pretty uneventful, and for that we are extremely grateful. Not pushing myself to "get too much done" has done wonders at keeping you two inside. I rest when I can, thanks to your dear Aunt Courtney who is here helping (and who decided to job hunt/settle down in Washington) and amazing Daddy (who takes on tasks he usually doesn't take one). They're such a support to Mommy right now, so that you two can continue to grow and do your thing inside, before you come out. You better thank them with extra snuggles/cuddles when the time is right.

We got one last peek at you both the other day... The ultrasound was super uncomfortable, because Mommy had to lay on her back, and that is just hard to do these days... but we got some good looks at you both.

Baby A, you are head down... face down. So we couldn't even see your face (or check on your lip)... but, boy did the sonographer say you had a lot of hair. We'll see how accurate that is, when you come out. You are "in position". Your body kicks up towards Mommy's top right. You measured in at 5 lbs 12 oz... that was 1 week ago (so I'm sure you've gained even more sing then).

Baby B, you were transverse at the time of the ultrasound... laying across the top of Mommy, so that you and your sister were playing footsies together. You showed your face to us... and we saw the chunkiest of cheeks. You measured in at 5 lbs 6oz.

We started passing our NST appointments, FINALLY. It's so terrible difficult to get you both on the monitor at the same time... when one of you moves, the other moves, etc. So, the nurse decided to start monitoring you two separately, and that does the trick, even though the appointments take twice as long.

Tuesday we had one last appointment with Dr. Peterson (who may or may not be the ones to deliver you... it all depends on who is on hospital rounds).  He took a peek at you two with his ultrasound, to check on your fluid levels, and to check on the placentas. To his surprise, Baby B... you weren't transverse! You were head down, snuggled up to your sister... on Mommy's bottom left side (hence why in these pictures, I'm lopsided, and have more of me "sticking out" on my left side). You were sort of spooning your sister, and you seemed so super content. Now it makes sense why the day before, it looked like I dropped... it was because you did Baby B. Your fluid levels were perfect... and we even got to see you both practicing breathing like champs. Which is a great sign!

Because of the gestational diabetes, you two officially have an eviction date of 4 October. Tomorrow we hit your due date month, October... I'm hopeful that you two will decide to come on your own, so we don't have to have a pitocin party at the hospital. But either way... we will meet you two very soon.

Keep growing little ones... we are so thrilled to have you be a part of "us",

Daddy, Mommy, Charlotte, Marley, and Finn.
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