Monday, September 12, 2016

Sweet Babies { Weeks 31, 32 and 33 }

Dear sweet little babies,

Oh you little trouble makers (although that's been recent for us)... you guys have been keeping us on our toes these last few weeks. Hopefully it'll calm down for the last few weeks... that would be really nice, if you could ease up a bit.

Things have been going great since that last ultrasound... haven't had another since, so we're not really sure how big you are... but Mommy is guessing around 5 lbs for each of you by now. We should know more size wise in about 1.5 weeks at the next ultrasound. You two have been spot on with growth, so... and right now you should be gaining about .5 lb a week.... which means, Mommy is feeling bigger and bigger.

Somehow I still don't have stretch marks, but my oh my how you to have "dropped"... I'm sure more "dropping" will happen... but you guys are getting tough to lug around everywhere. Mommy's belly band has been helping, but at times, you guys hate it, because it's pretty snug and you two don't like snug. You'd rather stick out. Not too much fits in the way of outfits, so I've been rotating about 4 tops these days. Trying to keep it minimal, because I'm hoping that once you two are out, my belly will drop a WHOLE lot to nothing. It feels like it's mostly babies these days. I did have to take off my rings.. they're tucked away until I can feel comfortable in them again.

I started NST (non stress test) appointments last week... during my 33rd week. The first appointment went "eh"... we were let go, after 1 hour of monitoring. You two are hard to monitor at the same time... and that's why our second NST appointment on Friday, landed Mommy in the triage. During the appointment, we tried to get you both in a spot (while sitting upright, which you hate) that you'd like, so we could monitor you at the same time... but in the end, Baby B... you wouldn't have any of it. Your heart rate kept dropping, and signs of contracting were present. When the nurse rolled Mommy over onto her right side, your heart rate stabilized, but then Baby A, your heart rate excelled, because I was putting too much pressure on you. Apparently, you don't like to be monitored whiled reclined or while I sit upright. So Mommy was admitted into Labor and Delivery, and they spent the next 7 hours monitoring the two of you. Once we figured out that your heart rates were fine while I laid down, you were good to go. But Mommy was still showing some light contractions (though she couldn't feel them). They felt more like pressure... right before one of you two usually move. Mommy was given an IV to hydrate, and then a steroid shot in the butt... They decided to "check" me, to see if I had any progression... Mommy measured 3 cm dilated at a -3 station. The doctors decided to keep Mommy for 2 more hours to see if dilation continued, or if that was Mommy's baseline coming into this pregnancy, since they'd never checked her before. Two hours later, your heart rates were still awesome, and when they checked again, Mommy was still at a 3cm... so they released me, and I was able to go home. On Saturday, Mommy had one more steroid shot in the butt (this is to help your lungs develop a bit more quickly, and to help slow down labor/contractions)... and when they monitored you on the doppler for 2 minutes, you two were just fine. Baby A you had a 145 HR and Baby B you had a 135 HR.

So, I have been on "light bed rest" the last 2 days... taking it easy, not doing much... lots of laying. I'm hydrating twice as much as I usually am, so I'm peeing about every 2.5 minutes instead of 5 minutes... but it seems to be doing the trick. No more pressure anywhere... except for the normal skin stretching pains (since you two are obviously growing like weeds). This seems to be keeping you two completely content... so that's what I'm going with. I'm not sure about these NST appointments... I think they're more stressful than they are non stressful.. so unless we can figure out a way to monitor you two while we are "comfortable in position"... I don't find them to be very useful. The nurse even said, it's so common to fail the NSTs... it just doesn't sound encouraging. So for now, I'm going to beg to only go to 1 NST a week, instead of 2... hopefully they can grant us that, so we can just continue to rest.

Daddy has been so amazing, taking on all of Mommy's tasks, while still doing his own. He's the best Daddy ever... seriously. He kept saying all weekend, "I don't know how you do it all... because I feel like I just can't." But, he did. He has been the greatest help, especially watching your other sisters and brother. You are just going to melt when you meet him... he protects us and takes care of us so so well. There's no one that I know that takes on the meaning of "Papa Bear" quite like he does. But for now, lets rest, so we can enjoy you even more when you come out and meet us!

Keep growing little ones... we are so thrilled to have you be a part of "us",

Daddy, Mommy, Charlotte, Marley and Finn.

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