Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Solo... Mother of 5.

The dreaded day came today... it was the first day I ran solo as a mother of 5... and somehow, even with the craziness of the day, we survived. I call it pure "fight or flight" mode. Anytime I fly solo for the first time after a new baby joins our family, I try and document a photo every hour to remember the day. One day I'll look back, and laugh at how terrified I was every moment of today.

7:30 am... after a 5 am feeding for the twins, I was able to get another 2 hour stretch of sleep, before waking up the kids to get Charlotte ready for school. Outfits were on before breakfast was served (which NEVER happens in this house)... and breakfast was an easy oatmeal.

8:30 am... Left the house to take Charlotte down to the bus stop with the other 4 kids in tow. Her comment to me before she got on the bus... "Mom, you got this. Davis' don't give up."

9:30 am... got back from the bus drop off, fed the girls and made our way out the door to get the twins to their 2 week well check... note to self, "make sure you allow yourself 20 minutes to get 4 kids that are 3 years and under, out the door and into the van."

10:30 am... We were still at the doctor's office, because we were sent to the laboratory for the twins' blood tests (PKU). All of the kids did awesome... I have no doubt it was through the power of prayer that we made it out of there alive, without any meltdowns.

11:30 am... Made it back home and settled in. Since we had 1 hour until we had to pick up Charlotte from her half day bus stop drop off, we spent the next hour getting lunch ready, and snuggling babies.

12:30 pm... Left the house to get Charlotte... greeted her with big hugs, and walked back to our house. Nursed one of the twins, fed the kids a quick lunch, and then put Marley and Finn down for naps.

1:30 pm... FINALLY sat down after nursing the other twin... with my first cup of coffee for the day. All of the littles are officially napping at the same time for the last 3 days! (minus Charlotte of course).

2:30 pm... Worked on tidying the house a little and listened to Charlotte read out loud to the twins.

3:30 pm... Pulled out the sewing machine and finished up a wholesale order while Charlotte worked on homework and drew/colored.

4:30 pm... Daddy came home.. whew... all are still alive...

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  1. You deserve an award! I love what Charlotte told you before school :)

  2. Awesome! You rock mama! Love all the pictures

  3. Awesome! You rock mama! Love all the pictures

  4. Great work Mumma!! Your tiny two strapped in the car are just adorable.

  5. What a beautiful life you have my friend! I love the heart you have and we miss you guys all so much here in Oklahoma! I love these photos and your ability to truly capture beauty in the moment. You're amazing!

    Annie Lawhon