Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Sweet Babies { 36 & 37 }

Dear sweet little babies,

We are doing one last little check in, before seeing your cute little faces tomorrow (or maybe the next day... depending on how long it takes for you to come out). We couldn't be more thrilled and nervous to meet you. There's so much unknown and mystery on how you two are going to make your grand entrance...

Girls, we made it... we hit 37 weeks, which is full term for singletons... which makes it even more crazy awesome for twins. Mommy gained a total of 35 lbs this pregnancy... somehow. For the longest time, we thought there'd be more gain... but I teetered out towards the end, instead of the typical water weight gain. NOT one piece of clothing covers the entire belly anymore, but that's okay... it feels like Mommy has been sporting mid drifts for the last few days. You should see the looks we get, and the comments ... oh the comments.

Let's talk about your brother and sisters... they're ready, so ready to meet you. We introduced them to what we think we will be your names this week, and they approve... for the most part. Charlotte is still on the fence about one, but likes the nickname that comes along with it. We'll see how they "fit" you though, before introducing you to the world. So excited to see how the littlests, Marley and Finn handle you two as well. Something tells me, they'll be smitten.

Come quickly... but not too quickly (so that it hurts like crazy)... we are beyond ready to meet you... we are so thrilled for you to be a part of "us"...

Daddy, Mommy, Charlotte, Marley and Finn.
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