Friday, November 25, 2016

Opt Outside { Vashon Island }

Who wants to fight crowds in hot, sweaty places the day after Thanksgiving? Black Friday shopping has NEVER been "my thing"... it's the furthest thing from being "my thing"... So, when REI came out with "Opt Outside"... I was completely on board. The premise is, to NOT go shopping and battle crowds for useless toys, I mean, cherished gifts... but rather, take on an adventure outdoors... enjoy the fresh air, and discover something new. So, we did just that. We enjoyed our very first car ferry ride to Vashon Island, where we played for a few hours on the beach. Nothing crazy fancy... just collected some treasures (driftwood/stones/etc.), enjoyed some lunch and a yummy cup of coffee...and then made our way back home on the ferry. It's awesome to see what the kids enjoy doing most while on the beach. One REALLY likes to throw rocks into the ocean... while another REALLY likes to collect shells, rocks, you name it... some REALLY just sleep the time away or eat...while another REALLY loves to meet people and talk their ears off. I'll let you figure out which kids did what.

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