Monday, November 14, 2016

We Must Play.

October was the wettest month recorded ever, here in Washington. I always say, a rainy day is a gift... because it's a day where I'm being told to "slow down"... Well, a whole month of that, right after babies are born... and you're left with a bit of cabin fever. But I needed that month to navigate through this new found "mother of 5" gig... we needed that month. There's a ton of change when you welcome a new one into the house... and double the amount when you welcome twins.

 I'm so thankful that we are starting to finally feel a bit of a routine/rhythm here these days. It always changes once I start feeling "comfortable"... because God likes to throw a good challenge at me. Do I have moments where I feel like I'm drowning? Absolutely. But when I'm not... I'm trying to soak up this time that'll pass all too quickly. So when the sun comes out... we must play.

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