Sunday, December 04, 2016

Dear Josephine and Mable { 2 months }

Dear Josephine and Mable,

Our sweet Josey and May... you are 2 months today... time just keeps on whizzing us by. I've told it to slow down a bit, but it's not listening. Each day passes so quickly... I mean, most of the time it's 4 pm and Mommy is still in her pajamas from the night before...

May I just start off by writing that you two are complete "dream babies"... and we thank YOU for that immensely. If you were both "tough babies"... we'd have lost our marbles by now. But because you're the opposite of that, you make it feel SO right to parent 5 kids. Yes we totally have our challenging days and feel a little limited at times... but those days are few and far in between the other days. The other days where we feel like we hit the lotto jackpot with you two.

Both of you are still nursing strong... we are going on 2 months of breastfeeding, and Mommy thinks of that as a HUGE accomplishment. She takes it day by day... somehow her body is producing a sufficient amount of milk to support the two of you. She still nurses you two separately... but it's a sweet time to bond with each of you on your own. Let's talk about the fact that you two are completely efficient eaters... you're done within 15-20 minutes... which is mind blowing! Your brother used to take his time grazing... feeding him always lasted 40 minutes to an hour. But you two, get the job done... and you're completely satisfied and ready to sleep.

Lets talk about sleep... you two again, are nailing it. You give Mommy 5-6 hours most night before waking up to feed and then falling asleep for another 4-5 hours. You nap all day long still... typically 2-3 hours at a time. Sometimes a little shorter. Your awake moments last a lot longer now. You love looking around at the lights, sitting on your sisters and brother's laps, or just being held. You don't need much to entertain you, you even have fun laying side by side each other. We're still waiting for you to gift us with a full night's sleep... We're not expecting it any time soon, but, we want you to know, that it's definitely a way to our hearts.

We see the doctor on Tuesday, so I don't have any stats on your growth... but we can definitely see a difference... you two feel a lot bigger, and you're starting to fill out your outfits more and more each time you wear them. Mable, you especially look like you're catching up to your sister in the length department.

Josephine... Jo Jo... you dear, are still personality wise, more of the disgruntled/serious one between the two of you. You FINALLY smiled... but since you graced us with a smile, it's taken A LOT more to get you to smile. We have to work for it.. you make us work for it. When you smile... it is the cutest. Your eyes squint down to nothing, and your bottom lip caves up into your cleft lip... it's seriously the cutest. Melts us.

We found out last week that you'll be having surgery at the end of February. You'll be a little over 4 months old, and the doctor seems to think it's best if we do it sooner rather than later. He believes it'll help when we introduce solids to you, and that by repairing your lip, it'll grow with you a lot sooner during the big growth months. He keeps saying it's a simple fix... but nothing seems simple when we know we'll be saying goodbye to the most imperfectly perfect little lip that we've grown to love.

You are such a strong little lady. You can hold your head up super well... even though tummy time is your least favorite thing. You give it about 5 minutes before the fussiness of all fussiness comes out.
You don't mind the bath too much... the only part you dislike, is getting out.

Mable... May-bee baby... you dear, are the passive one between the two of you. You go with the flow, fall asleep anywhere, and don't mind waiting if your sister needs to be tended to. You smile... and you smile A LOT. It's absolutely precious how often you look up at Mommy, raise one of your eyebrows and smile. You found your voice just recently, and started cooing as well... it's such a soft voice. We know you have a strong voice when you have a poopy/pee pee diaper that needs to be changed, or want to be fed... you let us know RIGHT AWAY. Once your need is met, you're back to being as content as can be. You balance out Josey so well... it'll be interesting to see if you remain the peaceful one.

You are getting stronger and stronger with your neck. You try so hard to hold your head up on your own. You just need a little help... but I'm sure we're days away from you being able to do it on your own. You love to kick... when we lay you down... all you do is kick and roll your body from side to side. You can do this for quite sometime... but tummy time is definitely a dislike for you as well.

Both of you two are completely adored by your brother and sisters. There's not a day that passes where they haven't asked to hold you. They love to sing to you and put on performances for you to watch, and smooch your faces off. They're so anxious for you to get big so that you can join in on all the fun.

This last month has been awesome getting to create a rhythm/routine as a family with 5 kids. We get stared at (totally okay with it) and people often stop us to applaud us for venturing out with all of you. Life, wouldn't be the same without you two in it... wouldn't be as sweet.

You two, totally completely our family... we love you dearly,

Daddy, Mommy, Charlotte, Marley and Finn.

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