Saturday, December 03, 2016

The Hunt 2016

The first weekend in December showed up... which meant it was time to hunt down our Christmas tree for this year. A new house, in a new state... we needed to find a new tree farm to adventure to in order to complete this year's hunt. We made it most of the way before getting a little turned around. While we were in a parking lot discussing the directions, I heard Charlotte pipe up in the backseat, "Mom, we can just get a tree from over there", as she pointed to a parking lot Christmas tree set up. I looked at her with what I imagine was a face of distaste, and answered, "No Charlotte, no we can't." 5 minutes later, we rolled up to a beautiful farm filled to the brim with trees waiting to be cut down for their "future homes". There was a section of White Spruce Pines, Douglas Firs, Grand Firs, etc.... but it was the Noble Fraser Fir variety, that won our hearts. We pulled all 5 kids out of the van, and ventured into the field... after a couple of intense looks at a few trees... I spotted the one that made it home with us. She smells divine... a real beauty... and just like in year's past, totally, completely, worth the hunt.

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