Friday, January 20, 2017

Make Errands Fun.

Errands these days, feel like they take FOREVER to run... and it's usually only 1 at a time. A trip to the post office and back, can take up to 45 minutes... the post office is only a short 5 minute drive away, but loading kids in the car and out and then back in the car again, takes up, what feels like, the rest of that time. I'm completely out of breath by the time everyone is loaded or unloaded... it's my workout for the day. Rewarding good behavior for the middles (Marley and Finn) is typically a snack, but occasionally a trip to the beach nearby, is just as good... if not BETTER for their little spirits. They get to run around a little bit... take in some fresh air... burn off the energy... explore... and then they're ready for awesome naps/quiet times... it's the best way to make errands fun.

A tip for those parents that live near the water: keep a plastic laundry basket (easy to clean and sand/rocks can't collect in it) in your trunk with the essentials for quick/random pitstops by the water... rainboots/muck boots, sand shovels/toys, beach towels, and a change of clothes.

Because so many have asked... Finn's outfit is primarily from these two awesome handmade shops: The Little Spoons and Little Rascals Shop and Marley's dress is from Alice and Ames... it's the PERFECT twirl dress, in the history of EVER.

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