Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Dear Josephine and Mable { 5 months }

Dear Josephine and Mable,

This last month flew by like no other. It didn't help that February only has 28 days in the month... or that we had a million and one things on our "to do" list. You were 4 months one day, I blinked, and then you were 5 months... slow down time.

You two have been figuring out lots... you can roll from tummy to back (but not reverse yet), you can sit up in your bumbo seats all by yourselves, you are cooing like crazy, and know when Mommy leaves the room (the wails begin). You two love to be near one another... and stare/smile at one another. Mable, you especially love to watch Josey, like a hawk.

Both of you are still nursing like champs, but are also taking bottles like champs. It's great! Since you've been so great at taking the bottle, Mommy has had the freedom of being able to start back up with exercising. She goes to bootcamp 3x a week... and runs every other day. It's been great for her energy level... and she's going to need a lot of energy to be able to keep up with you two when you start moving.

This month was filled with loads of doctors appointments. You finally had your 4 month check up... both are doing great at growing, even though it's on the smaller end. You two are probably more "petit" like your sister Marley, than burly like your brother Finn. Josephine, you had a pre-op appointment up in Seattle for your cleft lip surgery,  then we had surgery (with an over night stay) at Seattle Children's Hospital and then one last trip up to remove your sutures.  whew. I think we are ALL ready for some rest in this house... and a little more routine again.

Everything is going in the mouth... fists, each other's hands, toys, blankets, etc. We think teeth are on the horizon... but we're not quite ready for that. Solid food sampling is just around the corner too, but it's crazy to think that you're already that old. You two both prefer to sit up, rather than lay... when we lay you down, you try and sit up on your own... I'd give it another month, and you should be sitting on your own, with no problem.

Jo, your feet are ginormous. They are little flippers. But they're so cute, and you giggle when we tickle them or kiss them. You giggle a lot. You love smooches in your neck folds, and blurps on your belly. Your laugh is contagious... and you talk to just about anyone that'll listen to you, including the cat and stuffed animals. You are one brave lady, and this month really proved that to us.

We checked you in for surgery on the 24th of February... you had no idea what was about to happen to you. But off you went, with a stranger, and didn't even cry... full of smiles. You woke up, to pain and hunger... and a "new to you" lip. You were determined to eat, so you ate. You were determined to play, so you kicked a little before you gave in to the pain meds. You were determined to rest when your body needed it, so you gave in to the snuggles. You were determined to get back home, and we left 24 hours post surgery. We knew how strong you'd be... but you showed us even more than we even imagined. We had some sweet moments before your surgery, smooching you on your little imperfect lip... but we are digging this new lip of yours, and we think you are too. Your tongue keeps on touching the spot where there used to be a gap, and you're re-learning how to smile. That little part of you has changed, but your eyes still have that shine like they always did.

May... your feet are as tiny and petit, but fit you all too well. Even though you've slowly been gaining weight, you're still the tiniest. That doesn't stop you though... you roll around and sit up and play like the best of them. You my dear are constantly observing. You watch, and take everything in... including when we talk to you. You are already understand the flow of conversation. Mommy talks, and when she stops, you talk back... it's the sweetest. You seem to have a tender heart... when your sister cried out of pain while we were in the hospital, you quickly piped up. When she complains because she's tired, it doesn't phase you... but when she cried out pain, it completely tore you up.

You, just like your sister, love to be tickled... your giggle comes right out. You think belly kisses are so funny. You also have more of a chuckle than a giggle, which is hilarious. As quiet as you are most of the time, you still know how to pipe up when you need something. When you need something, you NEED something...

Something tells me these next few months are just going to keep getting sweeter and sweeter. You two have such a strong presence in this house. Not one person can walk by you without stopping to smooch your cheeks, or play with you. The noise that you bring to this house, is a joyful one... Your brother and sisters are LOUD, and you just love it... you think it's great. It doesn't scare you, or shock you... it makes you smile or sleep... it's amazing.

You two, totally complete our family... we love you dearly,

Daddy, Mommy, Charlotte, Marley and Finn.

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