Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Dear Josephine and Mable { 6 months }

Dear Josephine and Mable,

You're 1/2 a year old... wow. If these 6 months flew, I can't even begin to tell you how emotional I get thinking about the fact that you two will be 1 before we know it!

This month brought on so much developmental change for the two of you. There was lots of rolling around... but somehow, you're still struggling going from your back to your belly. Belly to back is no problem at all. In fact, because you despise tummy time so much, you often just flop to your back just so you don't have to lay on your belly... only to start rolling from side to side. You two both do this funny inch worm kick on your backs to move closer to things you want, or each other. It's super cute. Josey figured it out first, but Mable, you mastered it just days later.

You both love playing after you eat. Whether it's with your toys or your feet... you can be fully engaged for at least 30 minutes to an hour, before you want a change of scenery. Josey, your favorite toys are anything that are furry... you just adore the animal puppets that your brother and sisters give you to hold/grab. Another thing you love, is Runyan, our cat. Anytime he's near, your hands go out to grab him/pet him/feel his fur. You smile and giggle, and just love him. Mable your favorite toy seems to be anything that makes a crunching sound. You grab for the blocks that make that chip bag crackling sound... and love it. You also love to grab at Josey's hands... and anytime your feet are exposed, you reach for them.

You two are really starting to grow like crazy. It feels like you're getting heavier (but we'll find out the scale weight at the end of this month at your check up) and you're definitely getting longer, because you fit in 6-9 month close easily. Josephine, you're in a size 4 diaper, thanks to your bootylicious hind quarters... but Mable, you're still in a solid size 3 diaper. Mommy can still carry the two of you at the same time, but it's starting to get a little heavy.

When you're not playing, you're sitting up in your Bumbo seats, watching everyone move around you. You love when we have dance parties, because everyone is moving at the same time... your eyes just go back and forth taking everything in. You both love when we reach for your hands to clap along with a song, or move your arms to the rhythm of the music. It won't be long, and you two will be dancing with us.

Josephine... our bright eyed little baby... you spent most of this month figuring out that new lip of yours. We've finally gotten so used to your look, that Charlotte asked to see a picture of you with the way your lip was. She completely forgot the little ripple that it was. You're super nervous to try out solid foods... anything that comes near your face, you flinch at... probably because of all the cleaning we had to do on your incision. We're slowly trying to get you used to things touching that part of your lip... you don't mind when it's Mommy's fingers... and you're starting to finally let her kiss you on that part of your lip. Today, was the first day you let us feed you a little mush bananas, because we used our finger, instead of the soft spoon. You are waking up to eat in the middle of the night again, and then you want to talk yourself back to sleep (which usually wakes up your sister). You also have this pterodactyl screech... it's your way of jabbing and conversing... so long are the days of that cute coo you used to have. That screech though, sounds JUST like your sister Marley's when she was your age.

Mable... our tiny but fierce little peanut... you are just the sweetest little observer. We've never had a baby that noticed their surroundings as much as you do. You watch SO much... and when it's quiet, that's when you pipe up with your sweet voice. You love food... you figured it out before your sister, that it's super delicious. We've only tried out some avocados, bananas and oatmeal... and so far, you favor the bland oatmeal best. Hoping to try sweet potatoes soon... that was always a favorite for Marley and Finn at this age. You are still sleeping through the night, and that makes us just have complete heart eyes for you. Don't catch on to what your sister does... you're doing fabulous in the sleeping department. What you really love most, is when Marley pays attention to you... you love when she comes super close to your face, so you can grab her hair... she totally lets you too, without complaining too much.

We've been taking more walks this last month in the stroller, and trips to the beach. Most of the time, you sleep that time away (because it's during nap time)... but sometimes you're both awake. You both love the breeze at the beach... you hold your breath every time it hits your face. We are so excited for you two to adventure with us... you'll be old enough before we know it.

This month was the first time we've been plagued with the worst illness in the history of EVER. It pretty much destroyed our entire family... even though Mommy didn't get it, she was up with every one when they were sick. You two both had this bark like cough and the worst runny nose ever. The doctor diagnosed it as bronchiolitis/RSV, and sent us home with a nebulizer to give you breathing treatments. Mable, you were able to get through the worst of it in 3-4 days, but Josey, yours didn't improve... we had to bring you back to the doctor, and it turned out that you had an ear infection. You went on antibiotics, and within 24 hours, you were back to your joyful self again. That week and half, to almost 2 weeks of sickness, pretty much crushed us... Daddy and Mommy have declared it as one of the hardest times since they've been parents. We've had a sick baby before... but two... whew, that's a whole new ball game.

You two bring us so much joy... You're the topic of most of our conversations, and almost everyone in this house drops what they're doing, just to hang with you. Your brother and sisters just love interacting with you more and more each day. It's because you're finally "playing" with them. They want to show you off to their friends too, which is absolutely precious... Marley refers to you both as "my twins."

You two, totally complete our family... we love you dearly,

Daddy, Mommy, Charlotte, Marley and Finn.

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