Friday, May 26, 2017

Beautiful Day

We've had some beautiful days in this last week... and it's official, I WILL NEVER TAKE THE SUN FOR GRANTED here in the PNW. I love this state, even with the rain... but days like these... they take loving this state, to a whole new level...

I'm gonna wash the dust off my soul
I'm gonna listen to some rock n' roll
No cares, come what may I'm making a beautiful day
I'm gonna drive my car into the sea
Swim out far cause I believe that the waves will wash the gray away
I'm making a beautiful day But let me hear you say

Oooh ooohh my my I'm learning to fly
Hey hey what's that you're saying
Lets not forget we're alive

Gonna climb that hill behind my house
See what this place is all about
Cause from above it all
You can't help but say
It's gonna be a beautiful day
It's gonna be a beautiful day

But let me hear you say
Gonna turn my enemies into friends
Was broken yet stronger when it mends
When we all come together this song will play
We'll sing it's a beautiful day
And it's gonna be my beautiful day
- Beautiful Day, Joshua Radin
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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Feeling Complete

I fail daily... and tire often.. but these 5 love me regardless... my heart is complete...

Another Mother's Day is in the books... and I feel completely blessed to call these littles mine.
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Thursday, May 04, 2017

Dear Josephine and Mable { 7 months }

Dear Josephine and Mable,

Things have been flying by, just as we knew they would... you're 7 months! 7 months of figuring out how to juggle feedings, diaper changing, sleeping/naptimes, and playing with the two of you at the same time. You'd think that by child #4 and 5, that we'd know the drill... but the reality is, we don't... especially since the number of babies is double this time around.

You two still seem like tiny peanuts, but you've been growing like crazy. At your well check up a few weeks ago, Jo, you were about to be 16 lbs, and Mable, you were about to be 14 lbs... you two were exactly 2 lbs. apart to the ounce. Jo, you were longer by 1/4 inch... and Mable your head was bigger. Your doctor thinks the world of you, and he gets a kick out of you two... except for the fact that you screamed your head off anytime he looked your way. You cried more over the fact that he was looking at you, than your immunizations. Stranger Danger is full blown over here... anytime someone who is not familiar looks your way, you freak out... hopefully that goes away soon. It was also the month where you started to really notice when anyone of us walked away from you. The tears would start to flow and the wailing continues until you see us again... If you're laying side by side each other, than you're usually okay, because you have one another.

Watching the two of you interact, is the BEST. You roll around to one another, take turns cooing or laughing at one another, take things out of one another's hands... you fish hook each other's mouths... you are fun to watch. Sometimes we just sit and watch you until you go down for your naps... because it's that entertaining. Can't wait to see how this continues over the next few months, years... to come.

Both of you started solid foods this month, and are COMPLETELY opposite on your likes/dislikes. Your expressions are hilarious. Mable... you pretty much love all foods, except banana. Whenever it hits your mouth, you spit it right back out. You grunt when you're ready for another bite... which is pretty much the moment that the spoon deposits the food in your mouth and exits. You seem to especially love the combo of spinach, pear and apple. Josephine... you aren't a huge fan of pureed food. Give you little bits of banana or avocado and you're sold. You love anything that you can mash your gums into. You like teething rice cakes (Mum Mums) and puffs... For awhile we were nervous that you just didn't want to eat, because you flinched anytime the spoon came near you. But, you don't really mind it anymore, it's just that you'd rather eat chunks of food. The two of you both like to gnaw on pizza crust... that's probably the ultimate favorite... you two are carb lovers.

Jo... this month has been especially difficult with you not sleeping through the night. You wake up to eat, and want to stay awake for an hour or so... and it throws us all off. There have only been a few nights where you haven't done that, and those nights have been glorious. Please, just sleep. It is so lovely when you do.. you are usually in the best mood when you do. You sweet girl, ADORE Finn. He's pretty much your guy. You love the others, don't get me wrong... but there's something about Finn that you find hysterical. He's your person, he gets you... he knows exactly what toy would make you happy when you're sad... and knows how to get you to do your gut laugh. You like anything that makes a crinkling sound, and can pick up anything that's beside you or in front of you. Your dexterity is just unreal. It reminds me a lot of Marley, and how well she is eye with her hands and eye coordination. We went for your 8 week post op check at Children's in Seattle this month, and your doctor was beyond proud of the work he did on your lip. He wants to see you yearly from now on, to make sure the structure of your nose that he built up, stays up... and that it doesn't flop back down. He told us that this is the heaviest your scar will ever be, and that from here on out, it'll start to thin out and break down. It was a fascinating 5 minute check up, that took us WAY too long to get to and get home from, thanks to that fabulous Seattle traffic. We ended up making a date of it, and stopped at some of our favorite stores on the other side of the bridge, since Daddy was home with all your sisters and brother.

May... this month you've been pretty much nothing but awesome. You're such a laid back, easy baby... how did we get so lucky with you? You are still sleeping through the night, and you are always so happy. You are beyond observant... any movement or noise around you has your undivided attention. You sweet girl, ADORE Charlotte and Marley... they dance around you, and you think it's the BEST thing ever. Marley especially always grabs your attention. You love to pull her hair, and she lets you...  I'm so surprised about that. You're much better at rolling around on the floor, compared to Jo. You like to be surrounded by toys, so that you can roll to each one to get to them. You might be little, but you are determined... and we think you might take the gold when it comes to crawling first.

You two love outings... as soon as you're in the car seat, you quiet down and look around... probably wonder where we are off to. This month, we made it to the beach tons of times, and ventured to the zoo for the first time. You loved the zoo! Not sure if you could really see all the animals, or if you just enjoyed the stroller ride. You two love being outside when we are outside... you love the warmth from the sun, and watching your brother and sisters play all around you. We introduced you to bubbles, and you loved watching them fall all around you.

You think your Daddy is the bees knees... just like the rest of them. He won you over... with his tickles and his tossing you in the air. When he's in the room, your eyes go straight to him. Mommy can make you laugh, but there's something about Daddy... you two are completely in awe of him.

Can you two get any cuter? ... no... no you can't.

You two, totally complete our family... we love you dearly,

Daddy, Mommy, Charlotte, Marley and Finn.

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