Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Dear Josephine and Mable { 8 & 9 months }

Dear Josephine and Mable,

Your 8th and 9 month birthday came and went, and I'm only NOW taking the time to sit down and write. These last 2 months have FLOWN by. It's crazy. Crazy wonderful though. I thought about separating these posts, but really, let's face it, your 10 month birthday is tomorrow... so.... we just need to start playing catch up.

You two are such little treasures to this family... I don't think we can say it enough.

These last two months have brought so much change. SO much change. You've grown in the size department, you've made some significant developmental leaps... it's starting to feel like you're not "little babies" anymore. You've made yourselves known... demanding attention for the tricks you're learning, demanding extra cuddles, demanding more one on one time. But when you demand... it's super cute.

Jo Jo Bean... you have turned into one sturdy/chunky little lady. You've been killing it in the sleep department. Napping and sleeping through the night, like a boss. You are such a tactile learner. Grabbing at just about anything (and of course putting it in your mouth)... especially great at feeding yourself chunks of food. Speaking of food, you are all about eating whatever we are eating. You don't like purees AT ALL... you want chunks of chicken, noodles, bread, any and all fruit, etc. It's even better, if you get to feed yourself. You're quite good at it.

You sit up like a champ, but are still not on the go yet. When you're laying down, you like to move from side to side and reach/grab for things, but you have absolutely NO interest in rolling or crawling. You're perfectly content sitting. You can sit for awhile in one spot, as long as you're surrounded by toys, or being entertained by your sisters or brother.

Finn, is still your favorite to watch. You think he's hilarious. You especially like when he roars like a dinosaur and shakes his head/hair into your belly with blurbs. You crack up, and it's absolutely precious. Your life is contagious... and if you laugh, most of the time Mable laughs too. You are totally into this clingy phase. Always need to be able to see Mommy... if she's out of sight, you wail, unless someone is distracting you.

You were the first twin to learn how to clap.. which is appropriate, because I'd say you're more of the communicator, between the two of you. Charlotte was the one who shared with you how to clap, and Mommy helped bring your hands together to show you the motion, and then you took off with it on your own. You also have caught on well to baby signs (language)... for "more please" or " all done". You want us to understand you...it's super evident.

Your first tooth came (your bottom 2) on the eve of your 10 month birthday. You were a happy teether, not phased by teeth at all, as long as you had a bagel that you could gnaw on.

May bee... you have turned into quite the surprise. Josephine has always been the one to do things first... we used to think she had all the determination. But, that is no longer the case. You my dear little baby, have totally blown her away in the motor skills department. You were the first one to roll around on the ground, the first to try to crawl (you started off backwards only... but as of 2 days ago, you started going forwards), the first to bear crawl (as of today), the first to go from laying down to sitting up,  and you're sooooo close to being able to pull yourself up (it's time to lower the crib) on objects. Mommy and Daddy are completely shocked that it's you... we had Jo down in our minds as the twin who would move around first, but that just isn't the case. You had to prove us wrong. Now we are betting that you'll walk before Jo... time will tell.

Another first for you, were your teeth! You grew your 2 bottom ones, before Jo did. Woweee, were those a few tough days. You are NOT a great teether at all. In fact, you were horrible. It disrupted your sleep quite a bit. You were feverish... Motrin was the only way we could make you somewhat comfortable. We are not looking forward to when your other ones come in.

You eat just about anything we put in your mouth. You can hold a pouch and suck on it by yourself (that you really enjoy)... unlike Josephine, you really enjoy purees still... though you'll do chunks of food too. You're not too picky, but you're still not a huge fan of bananas... unless they're mixed with something else.

You two are still completely enamored by the big black camera... you don't know if you should smile, or cry at it most of the time. Mommy needs to pull it more with you two in front of it, to get you used to the sound of the shutter.

You two love music... You know when we turn on our wireless speaker and tune in for it to start playing. You adore the Trolls soundtrack... HAIR UP, is definitely your favorite. Both of you bob with your bodies to the music. It's SO precious. You love to watch your sisters and brother dance around you for a dance party... We try and start our mornings off that way.

You two love going out and about in the stroller. You enjoy the beach so much. You could sit in the stroller the whole time, as long as you have snacks to munch on. You two people watch like it's your job... and you both have CRAZY amounts of stranger danger going on. When unfamiliar faces come up to you, you completely BUG out. Cry hysterically. There's not a whole lot that calms you down, except if Mommy picks you up. Sometimes food can distract you, but it's usually not the case.

You two adore waking up, and joining your sisters in their room for some play time. It's such a beautiful 30-45 minutes... you watch while they play, or you demand that they play with you. You love their little dolls, and their duplo blocks. This time is special for Mommy... usually it's just the right amount of time for her to drink a cup of coffee and read a book/do devotions.

You two, totally complete our family... we love you dearly,

Daddy, Mommy, Charlotte, Marley, and Finn.

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