Wednesday, August 30, 2017

1st day of 4th

So long sweet summer... 

She opted for the sweetest peach, eyelet blouse and jeans, instead of neon colored leggings... who is this sweet girl? She certainly can't be my Charlotte... and yet, she is. My little girl, ready to tackle 4th grade. 

We started the morning with pancakes, discussed the word "kindness"... how to be a light in a dark, dark world... picked berries, held hands and made our way to the bus stop. She darted so quickly onto the bus, that she didn't even realize she was picked up by the wrong bus driver, and happily waved over and over to me from the window in the back of the bus. I'm thinking... believing... it's going to be a great year.

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Sunday, August 06, 2017

Turning 3

Some yummy food, a fun new adventure (at the Bremerton Fountains and Ferry watching), and a surprise visit from a Dino... I'm fairly certain this was the best way to celebrate our little man... Now, how does one top this for when he turns 4?

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Saturday, August 05, 2017

Dear Finn Mostyn { 36 months }

Dear Finn Mostyn,

You are 3 today... 3. Completely mind blown.. you were just turning 2. Mr. Finn, our dear boy, our one and only... you sure have such a special place in our hearts.

You've turned into quite the dino loving boy. When dinosaurs are involved, you couldn't be happier. You know the names of SO many dinosaurs, and whether they're carnivores/herbivores... you learned from the master, on the tv show Dino Dan (which is your absolute favorite). You roar all day long, and dig for fossils/bones in our backyard... or just about anywhere that you find dirt. It's quite the obsession for you. You even love the fact that your daily vitamins are dinosaur shaped.

You have the most amazing talent at getting yourself filthy from your hair all the way down to your toes... I think you roll in dirt for fun... or do it because you know it makes Mommy go crazy. It's the one part about your boyhood that just can't jump on board with. You can go naked all day if we let you... but often times you're running around the yard in your unders. That's right, I said unders... because you potty trained this year, all on your own. About 3 months ago you decided to give a try, without any prompting from anyone... and from that point on, you didn't really want to wear a diaper anymore (except for at night). You had a bunch of accidents... and you definitely pooped on the floor and in the yard, and on our walkway to our house... but, it's safe to say you're a big boy in big boy unders. Your buns are so cute in them too.

We might cut your hair from time to time, but your curls keep coming back... your eyes are still a bright blue, and those eyelashes are going to slay some girls one day. You've grown so tall... you might even be taller than Marley, and she's a whole year older. You're in 3T/4T clothes... quite the bruiser.

You are talking up a storm... but we are still trying to figure out everything you're saying. You mumble a lot... so we need to build up your confidence in speaking to us. But hearing you say "I love you... " never gets old.

You walk around saying, "Can I have something to eat?" or "I'm hungry!" ALLLLL DAY LONG. It's a little scary how much you can eat kid... and you're only 3. In 10 years, I don't even want to know how much food you put down daily... it's going to be a lot. You adore yogurt... eat as many as you can without Mommy knowing every day. Other favorites include, cheesesticks, pretzels, fruit (any and all), and apple sauce pouches. You could snack all day, and not eat meals if we let you. Your favorite is still hotdogs... you could down those without the bun, and eggs too.

You became a big brother this year, to your twin sisters... and boy do they ADORE you... and you've done so great in this new role. You really balance out all the estrogen in the household with the amount of testosterone you have. Seriously. You can be so aggressive and want to wrestle... but then you can be gentle and super cuddly when the girls are involved. You love getting them to laugh... and you let them pull your hair, when anyone would normally cry about that. You love chasing around your big sisters and scaring them... you love playing hide and go seek, which usually involves hiding in the same exact spot each time. You let them dress you up in fancy dress and tutus... and you love to be their prince when asked to dance at a ball. You are a scooter scooting champ, and the swings are your favorite spot at the playground (although the slide is a very close second).

Finn... life would be boring without you... we are so grateful you're in it. You keep us on our toes, wondering if you're up to no good... or gawking at how well you play by yourself. You love adventures, and the beach has become your favorite place to explore. You're the first one to go under the sprinkler, or hose yourself off... water is your happy place, which reminds me a lot of your Daddy.  Watching you go through this thing called "life" makes Mommy feel like she's raising up a mini Daddy... you two, are two peas in a pod.

You are so loved... so, so loved,

Daddy, Mommy, Charlotte, Marley, Josephine and Mable.

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