Friday, September 29, 2017

Dear Charlotte Wray { 10 years old }

Dear Charlotte Wray,

You've officially made it to the double digits... you are 10! A gorgeous, bold, spunky, 10 year old.

You, my darling... are growing up way too quickly. To think we've now celebrated 6 birthdays with you... is crazy... crazy awesome. Each year that passes, is such a treasure to us. To watch you grow... to watch you tackle new challenges... to see your personality unfold more and more and mature... to really see what captivates you... where your interests lie... what your strengths and weaknesses are... to watch you love on others and care for others... what a treasure.

These days, you enjoy anything that involves creating (crafting, painting, digging through the recyclable trash to give something a new life, etc.) You could create all day long if given the choice, and it kind of makes your Mama's heart, oh so happy. When you're not creating, you're practicing your gymnastics skills... or working out in the garage gym. This year you auditioned to be part of a choir, and they accepted you! We aren't too surprised about that, your voice is beautiful. When we first met you in the orphanage, and walked you through the halls, you always hummed to us (at that time in your life, you didn't speak at all)... hummed beautiful songs. One day when we were visiting with you, we heard music coming from the room right beside the one that you had spent 3.5 years of your life in... it was the music room. It doesn't surprise us, that music is your world... when it was all you heard for all those early years of your life, day in and day out. You have a sensori-neural hearing loss... and yet, you can hold this beautiful pitch. It's such a gift, and we're so glad others see it...

Your favorite color is still blue, and fig bars are one of your favorite snacks. Your favorite meal is still beef stroganoff, and salami on a roll is still your go to lunch choice. Not a whole lot of change in those areas. You are really enjoying the PNW... you tell us often how much you love living near the water... but that you would prefer to live in the city, like Seattle or Tacoma.

You're in the 4th grade now... and boy do you love it. Your teacher's name is Mrs. Johnston. You love going to music and gym class.. and still can't stand Math. Academics are tough for you... except for spelling. You're a spelling whiz. You seem to have a really tough time with tests, we are still trying to figure out to make the most of what the school can offer to help you through it all... but sometimes we go back to the idea of homeschooling you. You thrive off that one on one interaction (as any child should)... and lets face it, classrooms really don't offer that.

You're the most amazing big sister to your little "minions"... your sisters ADORE you and look up to you SO much... and Finn, he loves that you'll play whatever it is, that he wants to play. You are the biggest helper we could ever have during this season of life... the best part is, that you do it so often, without us even asking. You are a rare gem... one that we will never stop gawking at... one that we will always be in awe of.

We love you sweet Charlotte,

Daddy, Mommy, Marley, Finn, Josephine and Mable.
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  1. Dear Charlotte,
    It has been such a Gift to watch you grow up! From a wee 2 year old into a lovely 10 year old!
    Happy Happy 10th Birthday, Sweet Girl!