Sunday, October 08, 2017

Double the Celebration

I won't lie... having twins, means celebrating doubly... and it's pretty awesome. We opted to wait and celebrate their 1st birthday on the weekend this year, instead of on their actual birthday. On their actual birthday, we decided to enjoy a day filled with play, snuggles/cuddles... savor this time with them a little, because they will only get bigger from this point on. They're our last little babes... I needed to enjoy this time with them, instead of stressing out and baking up a storm. That night, I surprised the family with a group huddle toast. I first thanked them for all the help and support they were this last year... ever diaper/wipe they fetched or threw away, every feeding that they could help with, every time they held and cuddled a baby or played with them or watched over them... I wanted to share my complete gratitude for them, because without them, we couldn't have gotten through this year. I might not have thanked them enough during those moments... so that night was for pouring out my heart to them... my heart go thankfulness for their precious acts of service... I honestly don't know how we would have done it without them..

That weekend though, we let the babies bathe in cake... I baked some pumpkin cookies that we layered with homemade whipped cream in between... and let them dig in. It was so fun to see how different they were... We sang a joyful "Happy Birthday" to them, twice through... once for each of them... and both times, they beamed... knowing that it was their turn to be celebrated.

Josephine was super slow to the feasting. She wasn't too sure about the cake at first. She dipped her finger, a little, but she's usually the one to not get dirty. Daddy showed her the way after a few minutes of her not touching the cake... smooshed her hand in a little bit, and from that point on, she took off with it. She dug right in... destroying her cake.

Mable was the first to feast... she clawed at her cake, mostly with her left hand... and daintily dug in... she attacked only half of her cake... the other half, looked completely untouched. She was completely serious over the task... until the end... when she started clapping, as though she knew she had done a great job and signed "all done"...

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