Saturday, December 16, 2017

Business Down Below, Party Up Top

This year, decorating our Christmas tree was a little more interesting. Having 1 little one that pulls on lights and "play" with the ornaments, is one thing... BUT, we have 2 little ones that liked to pull on lights and "play" with the ornaments. So this year, we limited our lights and ornaments to the top 3/4 of the tree, and only non breakable ornaments were allowed on the tree. You can call it the "business down below, party up top" tree. Each year, my favorite part is finding an ornament for each of the littles that matches their personality... I wrap them up and stick them in their ornament boxes. At the start of decorating, everyone gets to open up their new ones... watching them stick their ornaments on the tree, is the sweetest part. Sometimes they're clustered together in one general location and other times they're spread out all over the place. It's easy to want your Christmas tree to look "perfect"... but to me, the wonky way they decorate it, is exactly that.... "perfect".

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