Tuesday, December 12, 2017

It's the Best.

Hands down... my favorite tradition at this time of the season, is the hunt for our Christmas tree. This year we pulled Charlotte out of school early, since the hubby took a day off from work... and we made our way on a beautiful, sunny but cold week day to the same farm we paid a visit to last year. We made our way to the Douglas Fir section... we looked around... but nothing was really grabbing our attention. Maybe I should write... that nothing grabbed MY attention. So we walked a little further, and there she was... a beautiful Noble.

I love how watch every year (in delight) as at least one of our littles trips over an old stump.. I love how each of the kids wanted to take a turn with the saw... I love how they enjoy pushing the tree down... I love how my husband can whip that tree up into his arms and carry it back to the tying station like it's not a big deal (but it's so attractive!)... I love how the babies delighted in every step of the way from the comfy seats of their stroller... I love how the kids watch in amazement as the tree gets "shook out" and tied up... I love their expressions as I hand them a cup of hot cocoa to warm up to... 

It's the best. 

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