Sunday, October 14, 2018

Adventurous Spirits

The weather has been beautiful... and even with the hubby gone, we knew we couldn't let another day pass without heading to a pumpkin patch to celebrate this new season that's upon us. There are a ton of farms (all within an hour or less) of where we live... so narrowing down which we visit, is always a tough decision. Last year, it seemed like everything at the farm was a price to pay... even just to walk into the field, was an admission fee... this year, that wasn't the case. It was some great, classic pumpkin patch fun. We walked the field to find our lovelies (the kids each picked one that they intend to carve this year), enjoyed stunning views of Mt. Rainier, rode on the kiddie train, and got lost in the corn maze for 50 minutes... The kids have deemed it the "horrible, terrible corn maze"... hopefully it didn't ruin them for life. We made it out, right as the last of the gorgeous autumn light was dwindling down... thankful that I had a backpack filled with snacks and that all these littles have such adventurous spirits.

These are the things I want to remember about this outing:

-  The twins kept pointing to the pumpkins and calling them everything but... "ball..." "apple..."

-  Marley wanted to bring home a pumpkin that she could carve as a "baby"... but at the last second, decided to get one that she could carve into a "scary face"... "Mom, you can't put a scary face on one the shape of a baby."

-  When you think you packed enough snacks for a trip, always pack more... you never know.

-  Charlotte was MOST excited about the maze... even when we were lost and couldn't find our way out, she wanted to continue on to solve all the trivia questions that were on our cards in order to get a prize. When everyone else was "over it" 30 minutes in... she kept on... "Davis' never give up... Mom, we can't leave until we've answered all the trivia." I never thought those words "Davis' never give up" would come back and haunt me... but they did.

-  Finn could have rode on the kiddie train a million times.. and said, "It's like a tractor ride with Daddy... Mom, he needs to make these seats for us!"

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Saturday, October 06, 2018

Two Turned Two

We celebrate the twins' birthday less than a week from Charlotte... the amount of cake we have flowing through our house during that week, feels like an awful lot. Since the littles still don't have an opinion on what kind of yummy they'd like to celebrate, it's on me to come up with something. Last year I baked up pumpkin cookie cakes for their first birthday celebration... this year, I decided on a cheesecake cupcake bar... and it did not disappoint. We sang through our birthday song, once for each... and then dug right in. The fruit and chocolate toppings were a hit... Jo and Mable ate mostly the chocolate. Presents is something still so new to them... but by the end, they figured how to unwrap the paper. Both so different at the task... one digs right in, and the other gently takes her time. By the way their faces lit up with excitement, I'd say they had a great day...

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