Monday, February 26, 2018

I Want To Remember part 2

These are the things I want to remember from the last few days (almost 2 weeks):

- Washington all of a sudden had a cold front that came through... not only did we have a few days of snow globe snow, one night it actually fell and stuck to the ground (a little less than 1 inch)... of course the kids wanted to go out IMMEDIATELY and play in it. The babies lasted about 10 seconds.

- Charlotte had mid-winter break last week... pretty certain we stayed in our jammies most of the days, only to change into fresh new jammies. 

- I've been pulling out all the sewing projects I've had piling up for so long (a million quilts for my nephews and nieces) and am going to start completing them! I'm beyond determined. It's amazing how much room unfinished projects take up. Also, why am I the master at starting up something new before finishing up something else? 

- Finn likes to borrow my Hunter rain boots, to play "robot"... it's HILARIOUS... it makes me laugh each time. I love how his mind invents, creates and puts things together.

- Our sweet Jo has been sporting her new lip for a whole year now. Her cleft lip surgery was such a huge moment in our last year... and she's healed up so nicely. I love the way it sucks in while she eats... it's absolutely precious... definitely one of my most favorite sets of lips I've ever laid eyes on. 

- Valentine's Day came and went so quickly this year... Charlotte created the most adorable box for her project at school... it was a unicorn, made out of tons of conversation hearts, yarn, paint and glue.. an oatmeal box and a goldfish box... she's the master of recycling. 

- Tulips added into bouquets of flowers, are the best. Spring blooms, are some of my favorites.

- 1 year ago, I started all over with my fitness journey (before the twins, I was running...I took about 4 months of recovery break) with a bootcamp at a local Crossfit box. It was 6 weeks of 3 days of workouts. Just before I graduated from the bootcamp, he was finishing up Crossfit's 2017 open workouts... and he made me sign a paper that stated, that I would be doing 2018's open workouts. Well, open season began last week... and on Friday, I officially completed my first open workout, 18.1 (8 rounds+24 reps) 

- I've been listening to the soundtrack of "The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty" lately...I think it might be time to go on an adventure. 

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