Tuesday, February 13, 2018

I Want To Remember

I realized recently, that I don't post many updated photos of our daily happenings, to this little space anymore. Social medias (Instagram, ahem ahem) have taken over, and so less of the daily grind is shared... I'm going to "try"... my hardest... to share those moments with you every few weeks. It's fun to peek into one's world... and I'm excited to one day look back at this blog, and see a younger version of myself and all my littles in these stages that have come and gone all too quickly.

The things I want to remember from these last few weeks:

- Winter in the PNW is totally wonderful when we have 50 degree days (there have been MANY of them.. and I'm not taking any of them for granted.)

- Communal baths are the BEST way to contain ALL of the littles for, at minimum, an hour! Not only do they get clean, and burn off some energy... but I can take that moment to clean the rest of the bathroom, or sneak some chocolate as I watch all the fun they're having.

- Thankful that the love the littles show each other far outweigh the times where they fight with one another.

- Flowers... do well for this Mama's heart. It's part of my self-care... and I'm not one bit ashamed to buy them for myself.

- Jo and Mable are both full up walking (Mable before Christmas, and Jo near the second week of January)... it's fun watching them explore and SO crazy keeping up with them at the same time.

- The hubby has been gone SO much these last few weeks... savoring the time we have with him when he is home, has been important.

- Preparing the flower beds and yard for the upcoming Spring season, has brought so much joy... nothing quite like digging in the dirt. I ordered a bunch of tubers from Floret Farm, as well poppy and zinnia seeds. I'm beyond EXCITED to see all the color pop up this year.

- We finally put money down for a contractor, and should break ground on building our in-law suite in the next few weeks (as soon as the permits get approved.)

- My membership at the Crossfit gym I was a part of, was up at the end of November... for the last few months I've been doing the whole Crossfit at home in our garage gym with the love of my life. It's been amazing seeing the changes/progress that I've made since. Is it a lot of work? YES. Is it tough working out at home? YES. Is it strange having your husband "coach" you along through the workouts? ummm.. YES. Has it brought joy? SO much joy. I'm so thankful for a handful of dear friends (made at the gym) that have become my people.... and come and workout with me from time to time... and step into my world and love on my world (meaning my littles). I've FINALLY been able to string together my double unders (30 is my max rep right now... I got too excited and dropped the rope when I made it)... next on the docket is getting "toes to bar" and rope climbing.

- We are settling into a beautiful rhythm of planting roots here in Washington... one of those ways, has been being a part of a community group from our church. The moments together have been so sweet, tender and encouraging. Many have children the same age as our littles, and it's beautiful watching the friendships grow between the littles as well. I've also joined a Bible study (book study) with some amazing women from my church... my heart is overflowing with joy from these newfound friendships.

- My current songs vary depending on whether or not I'm working out, relaxing or creating:
Burn by Ellie Goulding (my workout groove), To Build A Home by The Cinematic Orchestra (for creating and relaxing).

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