Tuesday, March 06, 2018

I Want To Remember part 3

The things I want to remember about closing out last month and starting a fresh/new month:

- February, flew by... which I was so thankful for, because January took FOREVER. 

- This new month, brought a new after school activity for Charlotte. She started a running program called, "Girls On The Run." She's been asking to be a part of this for quite some time. It's a group of girls that get together twice a week... learn to how to be confident and bold all while training for a 5k.... which coincidentally I have to run with her as a buddy. She's loved everything about it so far... the running, the giggles, the pep talks, her new water bottle... her favorite part? Writing notes of encouragement on her arm with marker to look at while running. This second week, the coaches said she ran 4 more laps (in the time allotted ) than the next top runner... whew. The girl is unstoppable. 

- I was singing "Wheels On The Bus" to the babies while changing their diapers, and Finn came in. I was at the point where the babies just cried on the bus, so the "Mama on the bus, goes shh shh shh." And Finn exclaimed, "Mom, the Mama doesn't say shh shh shh, she says NO NO NO!"... noted Finn. 

- Mable and Jo love going outside. They bring me their shoes all the time, because they think if I put them on, I'll let them go outside. Marley has taught them how to forage pine brush... and make bouquets out of it.

- My Oma (grandma, in Canada) just moved into an assisted living community apartment. The kids and I spent some time this week creating artwork to send in a "welcome to your new home" care package. Lots of lovely oceans and rainbows to hang on the walls.... I love watching them create... they beam when they show me their creations. I adore it... makes me think of how our Creator, must beam at the sight of us.

- Completed 18.2 and 18.2a this last week, for Crossfit's Open. What a doozy of a workout.. my legs felt like jello after. My favorite workout song currently: Cake by Flo Rider.

- Survived another week with the hubby being away from us... lots of work away lately... It always disrupts the routine/rhythm that we have going on. Thankful for when he surprises us with early returns... those are always the best. 

- The kids have been waking up earlier and earlier each morning... it's time for Daylight Savings. 

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