Thursday, March 29, 2018

I Want To Remember part 4

The end of March is near... and these are the things I want to remember:

- The sun keeps setting a little later each and every night... with that, it rises a little earlier each and every day. I have a love/hate relationship with it... I pretty much love everything about it, except that the kids are awake WAY too early for my liking. Bring on the extra cups of coffee (which I really don't have a problem with.)

- This month, Charlotte won her first "Terrific Kid" award at her school... To be a "terrific kid", means she demonstrated a positive attitude, good character, and responsible citizenship...  the word for this month that she displayed well, was "inclusive"... "To be inclusive is to be kind and welcoming to others; to use our empathy skills to identify others that are feeling alone or left out and include them." WOW... when I heard the news, I cried tears of joy. Charlotte struggles academically... she gives it her all, but for some reason, it's just not her thing. But this... this is SO much more than academics. I love that her light is shining in school, and that someone noticed. This speaks volumes to my heart... proud Mom over here.

- Jo is SO ticklish on her feet... so ticklish, that when we have to put socks and shoes on, it takes 4x as long as it should take.

- We're making the most of the sunshine we've had... playing outside in all the daylight possible. We even had a day that was in the 70's. The bubbles have come out, the sidewalk chalk is out... and soon we will be busy with planting. We pull the panel mat outside to practice somersaults, create obstacle courses, and work out with the sun hitting our faces. It's been lovely... the only not so lovely part, is when the babies make a run for our street... which is ALL the time. They want to go see our neighbor's chickens or their puppy... or just galavanting... the only solution I have for now, is to park in a way in which they can't escape. Usually the natural forest is a barrier, but the driveway leads out... to stop them, I park the van in a very intentional way (see picture.)

- Marley has always been able to use her "big girl" scooter... but, she's finally learning tricks on it (taught to her by Charlotte, of course) and it's so awesome to watch her delight in all that she can do.

- Mable is talking more and more lately... even more than Jo... She's usually the quietest little thing, but it seems as though she's found her voice.

- Jo's love for her blanket that her Oma knit, runs DEEP. She takes it everywhere... when she's upset, all you have to do is give her the blanket, and she's back to normal. All of my kids have loved their blankets, but this one, she takes that love to a whole new level.

- We've started building a rock wall to contain our huge flower bed in the front yard... It slopes down, so the wall should help hold the mulch in it a little better and of course makes it look super pretty. I'm really excited to get it done and start planting in it some more.

- My current jams come from a guy named Roo Panes. I'm adoring his songs "Land of the Living" and "Open Road"... the folky sound of his music, makes it super fun to listen to while I edit photos, sew, clean up... or just unwind from the day.

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