Tuesday, April 24, 2018

I Want To Remember part 5

We're almost through with April... and I shake my head in complete disbelief with how quickly this month is passing. These are the things I (currently) want to remember:

- We've had our share of rain the last few days/weeks... April showers, bring May flowers, right? I'm hopeful for the sun to come... and to stick around. I am DYING to start digging in the dirt. I ordered some dahlia tubers from one of my favorite flower farms here in Washington... Floret Flower... I'm dreaming up the best places to plant them in the yard. The babies have really been enjoying "digging", in just about anything... I'm trying to cultivate that, and not extinguish it (even though most of the time it's in my potted flowers, where I really don't want them digging)... so that they can be my "helpers" in the garden in the months to come... through the years to come. 

- The hubby put in a rope climb... and I am going through "How to Rope Climb" training, led by the hubby. Charlotte of course gets right up there... and then likes to say things to me like, "Mom... you just gotta... blah blah blah"... I got about 2-3 feet off the ground... and then I freeze. The idea of being that high, scares the bajeebies out of me... I keep hearing, "As soon as you get to the top, it's totally worth it!" Right now, I am putting it on the back burner... I will train to get up that rope... but first, all my efforts right now, are trying to get a pull up. UPDATE: I got my first pull up on 4/14... wow. Now, to keep up the work on the pull ups, so that I'm not a "one show wonder".

- Charlotte had "Spring Break" this last week..  One day we will venture somewhere... but for now, with all these littles, we had to sell Charlotte on doing a "staycation". We spent most of it outside, at the playground, eating picnics... and just enjoying the calm of what "breaks" bring.

- Mable and Jo are becoming more and more chatty. Their latest, is saying "teeth" when it's time for brushing... They have their own little language, that I can't decipher. It's gotta be twin talk (it sounds like gremlin to me).

- We went to Wilco to check out the baby chicks... Marley exclaimed, "Mom... we gotta bring them ALL home." Next year... it's happening.... chickens will be added to our homestead... this cannot be put off any longer. In the meantime, I'll be spending most of my extra hours, prepping for a big garden and area for the chicken coop. I know what you're thinking, "Karen, you don't need any more things to take care of... " BUT... two points. 1. my family eats a million eggs a week. 2. can you just imagine the photos that'll come with all the littles holding chickens in their arms?

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