Thursday, June 07, 2018


There's no such thing as "too many flowers"... and I love that my Marley feels the same way. She's ALWAYS tending to the flowers... it's her thing. She's in awe of every color, every shape... all the scents. Flowers catch her eyes everywhere we are... in our yard/street, driving out and about, in the markets, etc.  She asks for their name, and stores it in her sweet little mind.

The other day we were in the grocery store, picking up some odds and ends for a meal that I was making for a sweet mama friend that just had a newborn. Instead of thinking of food, flowers were on her mind. She wanted to create a bouquet that they could set on their table while they ate the meal that we were dropping off. She went over to the flowers, and started to stare in awe of all they had. I was ready to pick up an "already made bouquet" and call it good... but this girl, nope. She saw a sweet little bundle of pink roses and exclaimed that they would be perfect for the bouquet that she wanted to create while I was cooking up the meal. As soon as we were home, and the twins were tucked into bed for naps, she went STRAIGHT to it. She dragged Finn around to hold all that she was collecting from our yard. She asked sweetly if she could snip a few from my snap dragons and cats mint... "only a few, we won't need many", she begged. "Yes darling, have at it", I replied so anxious to see what she came up with. Her haul (cat mint, snap dragons, fox glove, queen Ann's lace, and wild daisies) was simply divine... and mixed with the roses, she outdid herself. As she was finishing up her arrangement, she was so excited to see there was enough for a bouquet for our table as well. 

"Mom, I think we need to plant more flowers that we can cut and make into bouquets all year long... like roses... than we won't have to buy them."... Marley, you're right. I'll get right on that.

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