Thursday, July 26, 2018

Guest House weeks 1-4

When we bought our house out here in Washington... and knew we were going to be a family of 7... the size of the house, was a little terrifying...  it's just a little under 2,500 sq ft... but rests on a little over 2.5 acres. It's 4 bedrooms, and 2.5 bathrooms... we have JUST enough space for us... but we knew it would be tight whenever there was a visitor/s in town. As soon as we moved the twins out of our room and into their own room, we lost our guest room space. We knew visitors would be coming and going all year long, and without losing our space each and every time, we decided to take the plunge and build a guest house... a retreat for those visiting us, to escape our "noise" and find solitude and rest. We searched high and low for a design that wasn't "over the top", large enough for our needs, flowed well with the design of our house/pavilion and one that would be approved with minimal adjustments by the city's permitting department (one that wouldn't require extra work from an architect). We found just what we were looking for, from an architect that draws up plans here in Washington... and then hired a construction company/contractor. All of the difficulties of permitting, tapping into septic/electric/plumbing and framing/building it up until "waterproof" are all on them... and for that we are thankful. As soon as it has a roof and siding on it, we will take over, and begin with all the finishing... making this little place, more "homey".

It felt like we've been dreaming of this for far too long... permitting took months to get approved. Once they were, it took another month and a little before someone came out and broke ground, cleared the area, and laid the forms for concrete to be poured. We began June 27th... and here about a month later, we have a structure! It's been fun watching it "take shape"... I think it's time to start nailing down the details of what's happening in the inside.

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