Tuesday, July 31, 2018


The one thing that pretty much any Washingtonian (transplant or native) can agree on... that the best days, are the days when "she's out"... The "she"we refer to, is Mt. Rainier. Anytime "she" makes her appearance, you just know, it's going to be a great day... there's this peace that "she" brings with her appearance, and this sort of awe. We get peeks of her in different parts of our town, mostly always with the waterfront in the foreground... and we just shake our head every time "she's" there... that the view, NEVER gets old.

My sweet sister in law (the one that moved out this way to Washington) has a gig this summer at Mt. Rainier. We declare it "her mountain"... even though "she's" totally a favorite to all of us. When the hubby was out of town, we decided to venture out over her way to check in on her... see her favorite places, and spend some time with her, venturing. It was a beautiful intro to the mountain, and all "she" has to offer... only had a little taste for the day, before we made our way back home. We are excited to get back and discover even more of her beauty.

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