Sunday, August 05, 2018

Dear Finn Mostyn { 4 years old }

Dear Finn Mostyn,

Sweet, handsome Finn... just like that you're 4... and my heart just can't handle it...

You are one silly little guy... always goofing around and trying to get others to laugh at you... You have this playfulness... this lightheartedness that seems that you enjoy the most of any situation/environment you are thrown in. You love it when your sisters giggle at what you're doing, the attention is what you're definitely seeking.

This last year, your heart has become more tender. There's this sensitive side of you that has made itself known... when you used to just be a "big bruiser". Your care for others, especially your sisters, is so sweet. Your cuddles and snuggles have increased, because somehow... you've gotten better at sitting still.

Your love for Dinos has grown even more over the last year, if that's even possible. Playing with your Dinos, watching a Dino documentary, or reading about Dinos can hold your attention for hours. You can talk off a stranger's ears about dinosaurs and interesting facts about them. You basically eat, sleep, breathe, dinosaurs. People talk about stepping on legos, and how they are the worst thing that has ever happened to their feet... well those people, they must not have a boy who leaves out their ankylosaurus for people to trip on.

Eating is something you do nonstop... constantly asking for the next snack, before the first snack is finished. Yogurt, cheese sticks, fruit and granola bars are on constant rotation in your hand... We're scared to know what this will look like when you're a teen... and at the same time, thankful we have only one boy to feed on the daily. When Mama goes grocery shopping... you're the one she wants to bring along, because you can tell her exactly how many of _____ is left in the fridge... you know exactly what we are low on, or what we have plenty have. Who needs lists, when they have you.

When you come out of baths, you're still a little bit dirty...not sure what it is, but we think you have a permanent little stain of dirt on your skin and under your nails... it's all the playing you do outside. You are your happiest, when you're outside, and that hasn't changed at all this year. You still dig in the dirt, explore and cut trails in the forest part of our yard, or just enjoy watering the plants with Mama. When you're in trouble for something, we make you run laps around the house (because that seems to do the trick... helps you reset way faster than a time out). The outside, really is your happy place.

Your sisters adore you... Yes, from time to time they need a break from "the boy"... but all in all, you're the one people want to play with. You win Charlotte over every time you ask to play dinosaurs with you... and you comply when she creates a plot line for you to play along to. Strangers often think that you and Marley are twins... Mama always has to share that you're a whole 1 year younger than your sister, even though you're bigger than her. You adore Marley... there's something about her... you fight like the best of them, and get along like the best of them. You are the best big brother that the twins could ever ask for. Always attentive to their needs... so helpful. You know how to distract them and get them to giggle if they're upset... and you were the one (other than Mama and Daddy) to score Josephine's first hug with another person. She thinks the world of you... we all do.

We love how you love life little man... you take every opportunity to make the most of it. You're the first to volunteer to do something, and the one that gives it his all. You might whine from time to time... but heck, we would too, if we were stuck with 4 sisters. You bring so much to this family... keep being you...

You are so loved... so, so loved,

Daddy, Mommy, Charlotte, Marley, Josephine and Mable.

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