Sunday, August 26, 2018

Guest House weeks 5-8

The last few weeks on the guest house... have been slow going. The man power went down quite a bit... we had a set back when the rafters went up incorrectly, and then the smoke came in (air quality was poor from all the wildfires in BC), which halted progress for a few days as well. We were hoping for it to be wrapped and handed to us to take over by now... but that isn't the case. So, we patiently wait... and figure out what fixtures we need to purchase.

There have been trucks in and out of our house non stop over the last few weeks... The kids have gotten used to it, it's not as exciting for them anymore. There was someone, an older gentleman, here dropping off our French doors not too long ago. While he was backing up his huge truck through our yard to the guest house, Finn was sitting and watching him closely. He gave a wave to Finn... and Finn tossed his thumbs up and exclaimed,"You're doing a good job... keep going... just don't run over Mama's flowers... she'll be angry if you do that." The gentleman shook his head in agreement, and replied with a, "yes boss." It was one of those moments where I just sat for the next few minutes chuckling to myself... these sweet little interactions the littles have with these workers... they're precious.

Let's see what the next few weeks bring... 

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