Sunday, September 30, 2018

Celebrating 11

When birthdays fall on days where we have commitments (choir for Charlotte falls right in the middle of the day)... we still celebrate with jumps on the trampoline, playing in the yard, a yummy cake (Charlotte requested a chocolate cake with vanilla frosting and rainbow sprinkles) and presents. Turning 11, has brought a different vibe when the cake comes out... there's a little tinge of embarrassment... the cake and song celebration seems to not phase her... our sweet girl is growing up.

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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Dear Charlotte Wray { 11 years old }

Dear Charlotte,

You're a whole year older... and yet it feels like in this short amount of time, that you've gained 2-3 years... Happy 11th birthday dear girl... today we celebrate you.

This last year with you felt like a roller coaster... filled with a lot of emotion... a lot of ups and downs. You're nearing the "pre-teen" stage, and so we kind of expect it. Everything is an exaggeration for you... and it can be exhausting... but you're paving the way for all of your other sisters, so lots of learning through this time with you. We always ask that you're kind with your words, and gentle with your brother and sisters... they sure know how to push your buttons. But you're the sweetest with them at the same time, and always lead them in such a bold and loving way. 

Charlotte, your love for others... whether you know them or not, hasn't diminished one bit. You are completely, 100% fascinated by others. I always said that if they made a zoo for humans, you'd have a field trip! Along with your love for them, comes your thoughtful side (always wanting to create for others, or bless others with something)... your inclusive side (never leaving someone out)... your helpful side (always ready to lend a hand)... your heart is so big for others... it's just amazing to sit back and watch. 

Lots of changes this year... change of favorite color ( it's pink today, it changes daily),  change of favorite dinner (you love steak with any side)... You change your mind about things as often as people change their underwear... The next thing you want to change, is your room... you're dying for a new color and a fresh new look... moving furniture around isn't enough change for you. You've become quite the opinionated one lately... how you formulate your opinions, makes us laugh... because sometimes it doesn't seem like there's any rhyme or reason to it... but to you, it makes complete sense. 

Your sense of adventure hasn't faded... in fact, you're always the first to lead your brother and sisters for an outing in our woods... and are always on board with any trip out of the house. New trails are always something you're up for... and picnics are your jam.

Your love for music and creating grows daily. Not a day goes by that the markers and paper aren't pulled out. You're learning how to play the ukulele, and can tune it without needing to hear the notes. It's fun to listen to your excitement as your second year in the choir began. Singing with others, brings you so much joy. 

You... bring us so much joy. 

We love you sweet Charlotte, 

Daddy, Mommy, Marley, Finn, Josephine and Mable
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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Guest House weeks 9-12

September is nearly over, and here we are, still working on getting the guest house to "water sealed" stage... 4 weeks have come and gone all too quickly, and not much progress has been made. We've had 1 guy working on the house, and even he has had days of not showing up, waiting on material to be delivered, or for his own vacation time. At this point, we were hoping the guest house would be in our hands (siding and roofing complete) so we could start working on the inside... but there's still so much to be done. The roof insulation is just about complete, and the door is finally in place.

The hubby took some time off, and started working on the venting, which he complete and had approved by the plumber... we passed the framing inspection, which means we can start working on the plumbing and electrical (after the roof is done). So... we wait patiently... 

Let's talk about how difficult it is to keep the kids out of there all day long... to keep them from wanting to climb every ladder or scaffolding.  All the dirt in the world at their disposal and scrap wood to build with. Pretty certain that they're okay with it taking as long as possible to complete... to them, an unfinished guest house is a wonderland.

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