Tuesday, September 04, 2018

1st day of Kindergarten

She got on the bus, so bravely... and I'm sitting here in denial, that my little Marley is already in Kindergarten. We've had a week (since school started for the other grades) to prepare for this moment... but, can a Mama's heart ever be prepared?

She woke up so excited to start the day, and requested a bowl of banana oatmeal. As I made her lunch, she peeked over to make sure I was packing her favorites (bologna, cheese and pickles) and approved of the cut strawberries on the side. She quickly packed up her bookbag, and wanted to head straight to the bus. That book bag... about 2 times the size of her...

"Mama, are you going to miss me most?"... she asked as I snapped some photos of her. "Yes my love, sooooo much, you have NO idea." I replied.... she started to look a little anxious waiting for the bus. "But you know what? I'm SO happy that the others in your class are going to have you in their class... they're really lucky... you're a great friend, helpful, so creative and beyond loving." She nodded in agreement and responded, "Ya... I am." Made me chuckle... it helped hold back the tears for a little while longer. We prayed over her day, we talked about how we make friends, and then she spotted the bus a mile away. You could tell all of a sudden a bunch of nerves came over her... and Charlotte grabbed her hand. "Charlotte, you get on first, and I'll follow you"... and that is what she did.

A million Mama tears have fallen since she got on that bus... and I'm sure a million more will fall until she's back home... but wow, I'm so proud of the sweet, fresh 5 year old Kindergartener that she is... and can't wait to see what's to come this year for her!

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