Monday, September 24, 2018

A fairly fun time

I'm not sure why it took so long for us to get there... but we FINALLY experienced the Washington State Fair on Saturday... and what fun we had.  The colors, the smells, the people... what's not to love? There's fun to be had for all... even the twins who are still too young to ride on all the rides, got to enjoy the food and all the animals.

Twins: They LOVED the animals, and fed sheep for the very first time in their lives. Giggled the entire time...

Finn: Such a brave little guy for most of the rides, except "I won't go on roller coasters, they're just too scary." He loved the treats we indulged in (Dole whip, kettle corn, and chicken nuggets/tater tots) and requested a dinosaur for his face painting. His request was to see guinea pigs or gerbils (they weren't there)... but was super content with the bunnies and ducks.

Marley: Her one and only request, was to eat a corn dog... and she LOVED every single bite of it. She also wanted to ride on the carousel... and cried the entire time she waited on line for it... she has a fear like no other, and I have NO idea where it came from. As soon as the ride started and she saw/felt how much fun it was, she was totally okay... and gave in to the enjoyment. After just reading through a chapter book about a horse named Happy... she LOVED seeing all the horses at the fair.

Charlotte: Her favorite part about the animals, was seeing all the ribbons they had won. She ventured onto a rollercoaster by herself, as well as the sizzler (not sure what the actually name of it was)... ya know, the one where you get crushed and it just goes back and forth in every direction. She made friends in the line while waiting, and got to ride along with them while on the ride... I think she'd say that was her favorite part (especially the middle schooler/and college aged sisters that she got to ride with on the sizzler).

I got home and went straight to loading photos onto the computer from our day, only to load half of them, and then my camera card formatted itself, and deleted the rest... sadness, just knowing that I captured the whole outing, and only have half the day saved (missing all my favorite shots that were taken as the sun was setting... ) Treasuring all the photos that I was able to save... and storing all the other moments in my memory.

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