Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Berry land

We live in the land of blackberries. They grow around our neck of the woods, like weeds. For about 75% of the year, the kids complain about them... because of their "pokeys".  The other 25% of the time (in summer), we hardly complain about them, because they give us the sweetest treasures to munch on. This summer, was no different... except for the fact that the twins got to dig in, pick and enjoy the berries alongside us. Boy, did they enjoy it... there were days where they would come in from playing in the yard, with black/purple stains all over their faces and hands... they've figured out which are safe to eat, and which are not... which are ripe, and which are not...

I'm not certain how many colanders of berries were picked this year... but I do know that it was many.  We added them to our breakfasts, made fruit salads with them in it, drizzled them over our ice cream  and figured out a delicious cobbler recipe (gluten free). We will miss you sweet blackberries... until next year...

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