Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Guest House weeks 9-12

September is nearly over, and here we are, still working on getting the guest house to "water sealed" stage... 4 weeks have come and gone all too quickly, and not much progress has been made. We've had 1 guy working on the house, and even he has had days of not showing up, waiting on material to be delivered, or for his own vacation time. At this point, we were hoping the guest house would be in our hands (siding and roofing complete) so we could start working on the inside... but there's still so much to be done. The roof insulation is just about complete, and the door is finally in place.

The hubby took some time off, and started working on the venting, which he complete and had approved by the plumber... we passed the framing inspection, which means we can start working on the plumbing and electrical (after the roof is done). So... we wait patiently... 

Let's talk about how difficult it is to keep the kids out of there all day long... to keep them from wanting to climb every ladder or scaffolding.  All the dirt in the world at their disposal and scrap wood to build with. Pretty certain that they're okay with it taking as long as possible to complete... to them, an unfinished guest house is a wonderland.

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