Sunday, September 02, 2018

Seed Harvest

As sad as we are that summer will be leaving before we know it... we are coping by getting excited about next year's spring and summer. This is literally the only time this girl (points to self) ever "plans"... But planning with this stuff, looks a lot like dreaming... lots of dreaming of aisles upon aisles of flowers to plant and pick from... oh the colors and varieties and various heights we will experiment with. It's fun to see what works here... what grows well in the PNW. 

We grew a few sunflowers this year... not many, but a few. Not all of them have gone to seed yet... in fact we still have about 8 left that need to open up... but in the meantime, we plucked one head before the birds got to it. Finn was totally in it to win it. Give the boy a task (anything but cleaning) and he will get to it... he spent a good 5 minutes grabbing out those seeds to harvest. 

This year, our snapdragons reseeded themselves and grew beautifully... but to control where they grow, I decided to pick the seed pods at just the right time... oh how the littles have been completely fascinated by this process. Marley especially loves popping open the pods and seeing how many seeds come out. It's amazing... so many little pods on just one stalk. Is it a tedious process harvesting seeds? Yes yes, it totally can be... but it's so fascinating all at the same time. 

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