Thursday, October 04, 2018

Dear Josephine and Mable { 24 months }

Dear Josephine and Mable,

You two darling littles... are 2 today! We made it to two years... whew.

It feels like you both woke up this morning, and completely lost that "baby"hood look... Funny how that happens when you turn 2... turn into that toddler over night, even though it's been happening for months all along. Each day you learn more and more... new words to speak to us, new mannerisms... you both are two completely different people. Different likes, dislikes... different ways of handling your brother and sisters, different ways of interacting with strangers... so so different.

Josephine Lane... our sweet sweet Jo... the older of the two of you by an hour, and you make that KNOWN. You're the boss, and probably will always be the boss... always directing Mable what to do, or keeping her in "line". It's a big sis job, and you've taken that role on. You're as loyal as they come... not super trusting of anything or anyone around you... but once you are, they're number 1 in your book for life. You're typically an introvert, hesitant to say hi to others, unless Mom or Dad or your siblings are by your side... stranger danger is still a real deal thing for you. You love to go down the slide at the park... over and over again, for hours if we let you.

You love apples, cheese and yogurt. Really, there's not a whole lot you don't like, but those are for sure your "go to" snacks. You LOVE pickles and want them with your lunch everyday... and anything that has cut tomatoes in it, is a hit for you. You (and the deer) were one of the perpetrators this year for why I didn't have any tomatoes on my tomato plant... you would pick even the green ones, and munch on them when I wasn't looking.

You are a busy body... always on the move, hardly can sit still. You are into EVERYTHING... no drawer, pantry/closet is safe... you love to pick through things and take things apart, and make HUGE messes... You know where Mom keeps everything... like the tape (you could go through an entire dispenser if not caught playing with it). You also enjoy cleaning up at the same time, and understand that everything that you pull out and play with, has a home... and know exactly how to organize it back into its spot.

You enjoy gardening with Mommy... always up for watering or dead heading plants. You love to dig in the dirt and don't mind getting filthy, as long as we clean you up right away when we're done. You laugh hysterically when your Daddy tickles you... under your neck and your tummy seem to be two of your most ticklish spots. Reading books has become one of your favorite things to do... and playing in the garage gym/swinging from the rings is also on the top of your list. You're the one who always wants to go outside, coming to us to help you with your shoes so you can head out. You're also the one that tends to escape without us knowing... heading out to pick berries, or just randomly walk around, trying to figure out what trouble you can get into. You have this curiosity... and adventurous spirit. It's awesome watching your excitement whenever we head out the door... and exclaim, "Go Go Go!"

Mable Oaks... our sweet sweet May... the baby of all the babies, and you really have that last born personality. Jo started off as our observer when you two were babies, but you've grown into that role... you're often seen on the side lines, watching... watching everyone else argue over something, watching everyone else do something before you give it a go.. But boy do you accept snuggles. Whoever is willing to snuggle with you, is your favorite person for that hour or minute(s), depending on how long that snuggle session is. We call you "Mitey Mable"... people think it's because you're a fierce/mighty little girl, but really it's because you like to "burrow" into people/crevices the way a mite does. You are one of our extroverts (we have a few of those)... you love strangers, and say "hi" to just about anyone that crosses your path. You won't stop saying "hi" to that person, until they give you recognition and say "hi" back.

Cheesesticks, apple sauce pouches and granola bars are your favorite things to munch on throughout the day. You love noodles and chicken... and dipping all the things into ketchup. "Ice-ceeeem" is something that you ask for on the daily, boy do you love it... you have quite the sweet tooth.

You are such a sensitive and laid back little girl... you can sit and watch a show/movie... often times, we don't know where you are in the house, because you're just quietly playing by yourself somewhere. When we are outside, we have to keep an eye on you, because you like to wander after a butterfly or squirrel without a peep. Jo is completely fascinated by people (even though she's an introvert)... but you my dear, LOVE animals. You love to sit and cuddle by Runyan and are the one to always point out a bird or the seals in the water. You exclaim, "Mum (which is so cute, you don't say Mommy or Mama like all the others) ook... a ___!" You are so proud of yourself for spotting it, and take in the site for as long as they stick around.

You love to play dinosaurs with Finn and have quite the vicious roar. You love to shake your booty during a dance party with your sisters.. seriously, your rhythm and moves are AMAZING. Whenever you hear music, you drop whatever it is you're doing, and head straight to the source. You have "twinkle toes"... always wanting to dance. You love to be outside with Mommy in the garden... but you like to pick ALL the things, no matter if it's dead or alive. You love to find bugs in the dirt, and squeal in delight even at a slug. When Daddy tickles you... you can hardly breathe... your thighs and sides are most ticklish. Jumping on the trampoline has turned more into dancing on the trampoline... you like to perform on it, especially with Marley. You're happiest as long as things are peaceful... you enjoy the quiet, and have that presence about yourself. You're a delight... the way you love others, just makes anyone feel special.

Who knew life with twins could be so crazy and so lovely all the same...

You two, totally complete our family... we love you dearly,

Daddy, Mommy, Charlotte, Marley and Finn.

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