Friday, October 26, 2018

Guest House { weeks 13-16 }

Visually, the last 4 weeks have brought a lot of change to the guest house. It received siding... and trim around the windows and door. It was a game changer. It feels like it added just that extra bit of character to the place, that it was missing out on. The siding and trim both match the house, and I'm super pumped to paint it all once dry season returns next year. When we first started the project... I was thinking we'd paint it the same colors as the house... light and dark greys with white trim. Halfway through the build, the idea arose to paint it all white... and I think that's the direction that we are going to go. The hubby first convinced me of it, and I think he's won his case. A little white house in the woods, sounds dreamy...

The hubby has been working SO hard on the roof. Who knew there was so much to roofing... there are words that I recently learned (underlying, flashing, etc...) that I wouldn't have known had he not taken on this part of the project. He's tackling it like a boss, YouTubing what he needs to learn... and getting it done. Once it's finished, the siding up top can be completed. He has the lower one side to complete, and a skylight to install, and then he's done up there.

Over the last few weeks we've made decisions on tile, and fixtures and all that stuff in between... there were so many choices, don't even get me started on how tough it was for this indecisive lady. I'm pumped for everything to be watersealed/tight... so that I can start storing all those items down in the guest house... right now, it's taking over my office in the house!

The septic permit came back good to go... so all the dirt went back to normal... and we gained a little less than 1/4 acre of yard in the front where the septic field is... With it being rain season, we decided to lay grass seed and hay (to protect those sweet seeds and aid them with growing). Hopefully we'll have some lovely grass come next year... or at least less dirt that we have to deal with.

The kids have enjoyed earning money doing a lot of clean up around the outside of the guest house. Shingle scraps and wood scraps and all the little nails are getting picked up. The littles work for candy, the older ones work for book fair money... and it gets done... win win.

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