Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Halloween 2018

Just like every year... we don't make a big fuss over Halloween. We carve up pumpkins a day or two before... and that was a ton of fun this year. The kids loved picking out what they wanted to carve..  but pulling out the guts was completely not what I expected. The girls jumped right in scooping out all the seeds... but Finn wanted NOTHING to do with it. He refused to pull out the seeds. Marley was super intent on cleaning out the inside of her pumpkin so that it would be the cleanest, and could shine the brightest... I said, "Oh wow, Marley his insides are super clean!" She replied, "Mom, she's a girl, not a boy!" ... noted. Charlotte executed most of her carving this year, with only one emotional meltdown (because it wasn't perfect!) and the babies had absolutely NO interest in carving. They had more fun dancing to the music or playing with the carving utensils. Perhaps next year, it'll be their year to join in on the fun.

Dressing up is something we do all the time around here... I'd say out of the 7 days... 5 of those are spent in some kind of costume/dress up for at least minimum 30 minutes in the day. This year, I felt like there wasn't much that needed to be bought or made, most we already had on hand... and that's my favorite kind of Halloween.

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