Monday, November 26, 2018

Guest House { weeks 17-20 }

Not sure where the last month has come and gone... but we are another month down. The last of the siding up top by the dormers was completed, as well as all the roof flashing to make sure there will be no leaks... and it's safe to say, the outside of the guest house is done (minus the landscaping, some gutters, and a paint job...) So now, we begin to move to the inside... which is a slower process but exciting. The hubby started drilling all the holes for the water lines (in the bathroom) and for the electrical... Other than that, he's been squatting in the guest house the last (almost) two weeks... with being on nights, he retreats to the unfinished space with our spare mattress, blankets and a space heater... and sleeps during the day, to escape from all the noise going on in the house. More pictures to come of the inside, but I'll have to wait until it's vacant during the day. For now, the kids are enjoying all the holes in the yard (that fill with rainfall water) and the dirt piles that still need to be graded... The landscaping will all come together in the spring.

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