Wednesday, November 21, 2018

I Want To Remember part 10

With Thanksgiving just a day away, these are the things I want to remember, but with a thankful twist...

-  After the twins were born, I was delivered a meal from the hospital cafeteria... and was given milk in a carton. Usually I would have overlooked it, because... it's milk. But, I gave it a try, and then immediately asked my husband to get a few more cartons for me, it was THAT good. When I looked at the carton, I noticed it was a brand I had never tried before.. Smith Brothers, made here in Washington, in a town not too far away (just a quick 30 minute drive)... I vowed from that day on, that I would never buy any other milk. Over the years, we've fallen in love with their half and half for our coffee, and chocolate milk... we make weekly runs to one of our mom and pop grocer's to buy it. A few weeks ago, I decided it was time... time to look into having it delivered (I knew they delivered a year ago, but just didn't think that it would be something for us to use, since we drink SO much of it), because I made a run to that local grocer, and they were OUT of our favorite milk and cream. Milk delivery has been LIFE... I couldn't recommend it more, if you live nearby.

-  All the flowers are starting to die down for the season. I've begun cutting some of the plants back, and raking out the flower beds... dahlia tubers have been dug up and divided. Wow what a process that has been... to dig up the tubers... to see how they have multiplied over time. It's a little nerving... washing them off and getting them ready to divide. They're fragile little things, but if done correctly, I could have gone from 6 dahlia plants (that I planted this spring/summer) to over 30 for next year. There's something so cool about that, and as much of a tedious process that tends to be for farmers who have 100's... it's such a fascinating process for me. One that I'm excited to explore even more when all the kids are off in school. This could be "my thing"... I'm thankful for that dream.

-  The days have begun getting darker earlier and earlier. Fairly sure that the sun sets near 4 o'clock... which is really difficult for this light loving lady. But what the darkness is good for, is for hunkering down and cuddling and getting to bed earlier for all the littles...

-  With the days being shorter, our time frame for that daylight is at an awkward time of the day. By the time the girls are off the bus, the sun is setting. It makes us relish in the light during the weekends... and the kids have been SO creative. They're picking mushrooms (not for eating) and old flower buds, and building flower stands, and grocery stores.... I love watching their imaginations go wild. The twins are learning from them... and it's precious. We take walks around the yard, discovering parts that we haven't yet experienced... Making the most of the daylight that we are given.

-  Charlotte is starting to work on "projects" more and more at school... getting her ready for middle school. She recently shared with us her slides for her "human body" report... and it took every ounce of me not to CRACK UP WITH LAUGHTER while she read it out loud. It's precious... she's precious...

-  The twins are starting to hug each other and love on one another more and more... Before they go to sleep (for nap or bedtime) they NEED to hug one another... and say "night night!" It's kind of their routine, and it's kind of cute... okay, it's really cute.

-  When I ask Finn to do something... his reply is always, "Okay, my cute cute Mama"... alright child, you're my favorite.

-  Marley, for awhile, was experiencing night terrors, every night. They would last for about 1-2 minutes... and they were scary. She'd scream and not recognize me or her Dad, when she'd call out for help... it was traumatizing for us. Mostly because, she didn't realize what was happening, and definitely didn't know it even happened the next morning when we'd talk to her about it. We bought a weighted blanket for her, and created a new night time routine for her: teeth brushing, potty, tucked in with a prayer, and then an audio plays for her to decompress any harbored anxiety... it's soothing, and seems to have done the trick. She occasionally has a few seconds of an outburst every couple of days, but for the most part, we hardly hear a peep from her anymore... and boy is that good for all of us.

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