Tuesday, November 06, 2018

I Want To Remember part 9

Fall is zooming by... the moods around here have changed a bit with the weather... it seems to be a rainier fall than last (or from what I remember last year to be). Trying to soak in all the sun when it appears. That means, even if we're in jammies, the kids are doing laps around the house to get out all the stored up energy... we're jumping on the trampoline in the dark... and embracing the season as best as we can.

These are the things I want to remember...

-  I was listening in during a conversation that Marley and Charlotte were having... they were discussing Amazon. "What doesn't Amazon sell?", Charlotte sarcastically asked, not expecting Marley to come up with something. To which Marley pondered for not more than a split second and exclaimed, "Poop!"...

-  The last of our huckleberries have been eaten... every time we were outside, the twins wanted a branch of them. They're beyond disappointed that the rain made them all soggy.

-  Caught Charlotte and Marley arguing about a found caterpillar. "Charlotte, it just wants me to hold it... it needs a friend." "Marley, you have to keep it in its habitat or it's not going to do well." "Charlotte, I can be the caterpillar's habitat." They each made good points.

-  Starting to pick some of the last of the dahlias, before I dig up the tubers. They're so beautiful... they've moved to being my favorite flower... sorry sunflowers.

-  The whole week before Daylight Savings the kids were sleeping until 8 am (I had to wake the oldest girls to get ready for school) and the rest until 9... do we really need to turn back the clocks? As soon as the clocks went back, they're back to up before 7 am... yawn.

-  The guest house is pretty much done on the outside (since the hubby finished the roof)... the last of the siding is going up, and I'm kind of anxious to get started on the inside. First up, the hubby installs the rest of the plumbing (he already did all the vents) and electrical... then, we can begin the fun stuff like insulation and ship lap walls... The property is back to it's usual, with workers not being on it... and there's something about it that's lovely, like we got our private space back to ourselves.

-  Charlotte is doing super in school... it's kind of interesting how 5th grade is a lot of "prep" for middle school. They learn how to write in their agenda books (that might be her favorite part... since she likes anything that involves organization), and don't have assigned desks (they have a little caddy that acts like their "locker"). She's starting to really enjoy her nights of reading... and sometimes even escapes during the day on the weekends to dig into her books. It's truly lovely.

-  Trying to work with Finn a little bit more and more with getting comfortable with his fine motor skills. He has a difficult time holding a pencil properly... even the big chunky ones for beginners. What I noticed, is that he holds the chalk perfectly when drawing on the chalkboard on the wall... so, lots more practice with chalk, versus pencil.

-  Mable has really started to get into coloring on paper. She wants to learn what the colors are, but basically calls everything "blue".

-  At this stage (2 years old) Marley had potty trained herself (yup, she pretty much did it on her own) and Finn did it on his own around then as well (it was nice, because it was like he potty trained himself right before the twins came... so we didn't have to change as many diapers as we thought we would have to.) But these twins... they're NO WHERE near ready to be trained... and I'm okay with it. I should be READY to have diapers exit this house... but for some reason, I'm really not in a rush... I figured since the others did it on their own, maybe these two will as well.

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