Thursday, December 13, 2018

The Sight Never Grows Old

As soon as we cut the tree down, Marley started requesting (on the hour) to decorate it. It's her favorite thing... she's been waiting so patiently since before Thanksgiving. I'm that personality that loves to savor the month of November... but she's ready to roll right into Christmas as soon as Thanksgiving is done. When they get older... it'll be so neat to see how they run their households with the holidays.

We didn't get around to decorating our tree for a few days after we cut it down. The smell... oh the delightful smell... I can't get enough of it. The day after Charlotte's Christmas concert, we pulled all the boxes out, and begun. The lights went up first... and I think the kids are with me... the bubble lights, they're A LOT of work. Clipping them onto each and every branch, is a pain... and then they still don't always stand up straight. Everyone's OCD came out trying to make sure they were perfect... Next up, were everyone's ornaments... the kids all received their new ornaments for the year... and hung up their old ones as well, except for Mable. She didn't want to let her ornaments go to the tree... she wanted to hold on to them the ENTIRE time. She was devastated to put them on, so she kept taking everyone else's ornaments off the tree... and then it became the "Christmas tree with ornaments on only the top half of it" Christmas tree... But every time Mable enters the room where the tree is, she takes a deep breath, and goes "awe... wow." I can't blame her... the sight never grows old.

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